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New to the forum, not to Datsuns


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Good Day,

 I have been lurking for awhile reading the tech posts and general topics, so I decided to sign up. I have been around Datsuns since the early '70's and your forum got me to thinking of the Datsun/Nissan's I have owned but no longer have,

'71 510

2- 1200's

'76 710 wagon

'79 pu (Lil' Husler)

'88 D21 (just sold)


I have a '95 D21 for my current transportation.


I recently picked up a '64 spl310 basket case (3 seat with 2582 documented miles on it) that I would like to get running next summer but, will be a couple year project. The '64 has an interesting story behind it and some good points. I will be working on it this winter finishing what the po started, tearing it down.

I will post pictures when I can.


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A 1964 SPL with the third seat is indeed a rare bird! Think carefully before you get "improvement" oriented, you just might wind up destroying your retirement nest egg! If you happen to have the single Hitachi SU with the "banjo" air cleaner do not under any circumstances "improve" it!

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Datzenmike, A name? Fetch will do for now. Everything has a story behind it.


MikeRL411, Nest egg? No, I have learned to not count on anything, another story for another time. It might have had the single carb but, somewhere along the way the head and carb(s) were changed to the dual carbs. From the documentation I have the car has not turned a mile since 1979. My intent is to get it mechanically sound, then work on the cosmetics. And as soon as I figure out how to post pictures, I will.

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Welcome to Ratsun Fetch. Looking forward to seeing your car. Here is a link to the "How To Post Pictures" thread.


 You know, a build thread of your own would be a great next step. As Datzenmike mentioned, we loooooove pics! Be ready to post them up.





How about starting us off with the story of the car.

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Interesting, got a picture up and going.

A gal named Consuelo owned the car in San Diego and I have the Calif. plates that shows car was last licensed in '74. It made its way to Spokane in '79. The paper work I have shows 2582 miles in '79 which is what the odometer shows. The po's tore it apart for some unknown reason. It has never been licensed in Wa.

The date on the camera is wrong.

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The earliest 310 roadsters had a single SU and the banjo air cleaner. Very soon the intake was changed to dual SU capable units and that is how the late model 310 roadsters were built. You might still have an original configuration roadster. Does it still have 13 inch wheels?

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 That may have been why the head and carbs were changed, I will never know. The front wheels are 13's.

As I wrote, my goal is to put it back together and make drivable. I will not be trying to bring it back to original showroom condition. I will be having fun with it and it will have a front spoiler. I will post pictures but, not much is going to happen until spring.


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Save! Preserve! Too bad you are so close, I have a complete set of 13 inch 310 wheels, without the dog dish clips, which would require a complete 4 set of "porthole"full wheel covers. These 13 inch "porthole" full wheel covers were used on the 1500 cc 310 Roadster and the RL411 sedan. Sorry, I don't have any 13 inch Porthole wheel covers to spare!

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Mike, I believe the carbs and head are from a '65 ether late 1500 or early 1600. The engine will get a complete tear down and rebuilt. The po stated that the engine had been rebuilt and that it was bored .40 over. I will need to clean, mic it and check all the specs. It will mosty go back original because, that is the parts I have. But, I am also going to have fun wth it. Two things are, the orginal mileage and all serial numbers match. The glass is not cracked, that is the reflection of the steering wheel.

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Get over to 311s.org and register this car if you have not already done so. The anti spam answer to the new user login is "Datsun Sport" if I recall. Nobody ever reads the home page all the way through and misses that bit of information. Great site and a very friendly bunch of Roadster nuts who know the right answer to just about any question you can think of. I have the same user name over there. Welcome to the addiction.


Aka exit64

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Got bored over the weekend and since the tires have gone flat, I thought I would put the car up on stands and take a good look at the brakes. After clearing the spider webs they don't look to bad. No oil leaks in the rear axle, or no oil in the axle. Drums look good, need new shoes and rebuild kits. Lots of cleaning to do.

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Hard to believe it has been 2 1/2 years since I first posted in the roadster forum and no other posts for a year.


I would like nothing more than to write the car is roadworthy but, it is not. Been busy, life and a couple of wonderful grandchildren. Not gripping, the time with the grandchildren is irreplaceable. However, I do have a sense of, "gotta keep the project moving". I have been collecting parts (as money allows) and the brakes should go together by the end of next month.


I have given up on pictures, hopefully it won't be another 2 1/2 years before I post something on the roadster.

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If it was an original single carb roadster I believe it would only have one small indention on the wheel well area for the single carb while the duel had a lager indention for the duels. I remember being on the 311.org site with my 66 roadster that I had and seen pics on a discussion about that.. was pretty interesting...


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 Dang, what a cool piece of information. It was staring me in the face the whole time and answers a couple of questions.

When I bought the car it has a 1600 head with dual carbs on the original number 1500 block. As near as I can tell, since 1974 the car has had a rough life. I now believe the car had a single carb.

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After reading and re-reading the posts, I have come to the conclusion that having the single indent is not conducive to having a single carb. It seems they continued to produce that fender well into the dual carb setup. However, I do believe the car I have did have the single carb because the head and dual carbs are not original.


Rear brakes are on and ready. E-brake is functional. Front will be put together this weekend. Its great when you have the parts.

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No pics after all this time?!... 


I had some picts here but after pbucket went crazy I pulled them. Then, I was updating my computer and lost a lot of pictures.


I do have new picts of my brake rebuild, need to down load to my computer and work with flickr to get them posted.

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Still working with flickr,

Halloween, lots of rain, I needed a place to put the spider to dry out.




Old shoes, I was just going to use them for temp,




Then I decided, papa needs a new pair of shoes.The only place in town that still relines shoes, 6 Robblees and it was the smallest material they have,



The rears installed, I had to have all the shoes shaved down to fit the drums,




I found the front hub has spacers for the seal, one each side. The new seal is deeper so I had to pull out the spacers to fit,




All the brakes are back together and the e-brake works great. Now, it is on to the fuel system.

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Here are some picts of the fuel system for the 1500 I have to work with.
Got new parts in to rebuild the carbs, air filters and fuel filters. Carbs are good and tight. I have 3 air filter cans, 4 fuel pumps, only one fuel filter.
The gas tank in at a radiator shop getting cleaned.


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