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  1. Time Left: 12 days and 20 hours

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    Bought this setup just to get the Mikuni carbs so the manifold is up for sale. $500 velocity stacks available for extra but not the Mikuni carbs themselves


    - US

  2. oh cool, hopefully I should have the Roadster driving by then
  3. 2mAn

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    depends on your budget. both of these have been worn on a Roadster, and look good. Not the common style either... 15" so they will need new lower profile tire, but cheap enough https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/wto/d/kent-z-turbo-wheels/6976838277.html 14" with tires that will work and a great look, but Im not a fan of the stretch https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/wto/d/everett-14-hayashi-streets/6973726199.html
  4. I've hit a wall in the reassembly of my U20 Roadster and have heard about this place. Went and checked him out. He doesnt speak much English and is a one-man shop but by all accounts he looked like the right guy to finish up my car. He told me to call him monday to see about bringing it to him this week, but it looks like this next monday is the day. Has anyone had any experience with him? He has an amazing L28 Z with triple Mikuni's on it and a lot of other goodies that I think is his daily driver. That said enough for me, but hopefully my gut feeling is right
  5. 2mAn

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    Not a bad looking Roadster! Definitely needs wheels. I think something shiny will look good... The lug pattern is a common Japanese pattern, but the offset will be the deciding factor.
  6. Im hoping my Roadster will be done. It'd be my first attendance, didnt bother registering because I have plans later in the day
  7. I have a trunk lock. no key. PM me if you're interested Its pictured with a door lock I have also
  8. 2mAn

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    Its a lot of stuffy old people who've had their Roadsters forever... plus its the internet, anywhere you go you will offend someone. For example: Im offended that you still havent posted any pics of your car lol😝
  9. I tried a Talbot style mirror in the stock spot, was useless... one day I discovered if I remove my useless antenna I could mount the mirror there and not have to drill any new holes AND it was functional ... win win

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    Inglewood, California - US

  11. In the OP I said that this is what Peter Brock told me. He said underhood heat was a problem... I agree that you haven't been derailing, and have been adding ideas... I actually will explore the idea of relocating the fuel lines, there isn't much space to re-route the lines. I wanted to switch to making my own hard lines, but I'm pretty sure those will heatsoak faster than a rubber/ cloth line would. I also want to make a heat shield for the brake master cylinder, we'll see what I can come up with on that. The whole idea that started all of this was to find a way to get the exhaust a way out, rather than shielding the heat...
  12. Lots of assumptions here... Im not a rich person, Im just a guy like many others who likes modifying cars within a reasonable budget. That reasonable budget is what is stopping me from hacking off my windshield to make this Roadster a track ONLY car. I can and will be taking it to the track. If eventually I have the luxury of making it a track only car, there will be more cutting... I plan to drive this car to the track, at the track, back home from the track, to work sometimes, on the many canyons we have out here and anywhere else I can. Hacking the windshield limits this... BTW The hood already had holes drilled from the factory, maybe you forgot since its been so long?... Before, totally stock: After: Anyways, back to what the thread was about: louvers and expelling heat from the engine bay. I already have a heatshield between the carbs and headers, and already wrapped the headers, so I guess I will make some other changes associated with keeping the fuel lines cool and extending the heatshield (both things I had planned). I guess thats all she wrote for this thread without derailing it much. Feel free to go shit on the build thread and we can discuss my other choices there. -Simon
  13. Time for my annual update. At the beginning of the year, I took the car into the garage and put it up on jackstands. Pulled the head off and sent it to the machine shop. One of many things I planned to do was to paint the inner engine bay, as when the car was painted they just skipped the whole engine bay... I had to fix that and Im about done. Its not perfect, but this car isnt intended to be perfect cosmetically. Before: After: Ive been also doing stupid things with a drill and drill bits...here, I found some fat on the hood hinges midway... and done... then there was the hood and this guy: Before: After: Cylinderhead isnt back yet, so I will have a nice powerful update soon
  14. I have a 68 Datsun Roadster with the 2L motor, and Mikuni Sidedrafts. I want to add louvers to the hood as I plan on vintage racing it, and was told by Peter Brock that the Roadsters have a problem with heat cooking the carbs under the hood. Heres a pic of where the carbs sit in the motor. Nothing new to you guys Heres a straight on shot, thinking of that lower ridge area on the driverside as one possible location. The other is the center, behind the radiator exit to draw it out, but I dont think that will work with its location and the hood scoop. Maybe that has to stay as-is This last pic is the bottom of the hood, just to give you an idea of what it looks like and potential locations of punching the louvers Basically, I have a few options Im considering and looking for input. 1: Behind the radiator exit, angled up/ out of engine bay 2: In front of the carb, angled down/ into the engine bay 3: Behind the carbs, angled up/ out of the engine bay 4: At the back strip of the hood to draw all the heat out
  15. Jesse, love seeing the updates. I have some stuff for you. Text me when you’re free
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