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  1. Redrumls

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    Sick sedans! We are trying to get a sedan back together for my son.. it’s a 74 and missing a lot of parts.. we picked up a 76 wag and have everything we need except a drivers rear door for the sedan.. if you hear of one, lmk.. we want to bring this sedan back from the dead! You can see pics of our projects on my IG redrumlscarjunkie thanks for any info! Greg
  2. Redrumls

    got another datsun

    Nice progress & touches to the sedan!
  3. Redrumls

    610s unite!!!!!!

    I’m fixing the sedan.. the wagon is for parts.. I’m using everything I can off the wagon.. should be a sweet project for my son.My instagram is redrumlscarjunkie. You can check out the progress once we get started.. Greg
  4. Redrumls

    610s unite!!!!!!

    I had to pick up a wag to use for parts for my 610 sedan.. I was real hard to find parts.. we have everything we need for the sedan & more! Stoked!
  5. Redrumls

    got another datsun

    Looking good.. hard work pays off..
  6. Redrumls

    74 610 Goon

    Going to be sick with an SR! Good job on the wag..
  7. Redrumls

    pic of your dime

    I sent you a link on IG, Savant is selling a nice set of front bumper guards off his goon. $40
  8. Redrumls

    pic of your dime

    I know exactly how that is... especially with multiple cars.. it’s just me man.. I’m ocd with wanting to straighten everything out.. the rx3 wag I have front bumper guards were tweaked like that.. I took a rubber mallet to them to straighten them.. hehe..
  9. Redrumls

    pic of your dime

    How long have those bumper guards(over riders) been tweaked like that? I’m OCD to stuff like that.. I hurts me to look at them! I want to reach through the pic and straighten them out! Hehe
  10. Redrumls

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Nice find..
  11. Redrumls

    74 610 Goon

    People like different things.. some peeps I know like flares, others like rolled fenders. I have a few folks I follow on IG that love insane camber with stretched tires. Just like you like them fitting the car just right. I just enjoy seeing other people’s builds & I respect their builds. That’s what makes this car community awesome! All the ideas & renderings. Greg
  12. Redrumls

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    I have to hunt me down some of those! That’s sweet! Greg
  13. Redrumls

    Kiwi Melon......................

    I bought the camber plates, thanks for looking out bud! Greg
  14. Redrumls

    Kiwi Melon......................

    Thanks man! I'm going to check into that and order some up.Greg
  15. Redrumls

    Kiwi Melon......................

    They have 2 & 3" block kits. I ordered the 2". I just have to get camber plates, brake pads & misc little things for the front. PO gave me some 280z strut towers cut down & set up for the 510 with calipers & rotors. Get this wag lowered. Greg

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