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  1. They just had a datslocos show in your area.. they guy I picked up the 610 wag from went with his brother.. do you ever head to any shows? Your cars would surely be a nice treat out there! I usually go to the datslocos in May.. I didn’t go to jccs this year.. going to sevenstock this year though, stoked! If I’m ever in the area, I would love to check those beauties out! Greg
  2. I thought it was that wag! Sweet! The 73 I picked up was originally that same color.. 610’s are really starting to emerge in Cali in full force in a state dominated by 510’s! ? I posted up some pics on my IG.
  3. Redrumls

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    Two! Awesome! Still looking for a rear driver side door for my sons sedan.. keep an eye out for me.. thanks, Greg
  4. James is stockpiling! My kind of people! I’m picking up a 73 610 wag. Tomorrow morning.. makes 3 610’s now.. need more! Greg
  5. What’s the yellow car in the garage?
  6. I might.. they seem to rust underneath for some reason.. I’ll dm you soon. thanks, Greg
  7. Looks awesome! Can’t wait till we get started on our 74 sedan! I picked up a 76 610 wag for parts for the sedan.. I just have to get him motivated! Also.. looks like I’m going to pick up a 73 610 wag this weekend.. I’m wagon deep! 510, 610 & Rx3 wags! It’s funny to think I almost picked up a 710 wag! Keep up the good work!
  8. Redrumls

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    The door was missing.. if you hear of one lmk.. my son still has a few years to get it back together.. drivers side, rear door. Thanks, Greg
  9. Redrumls

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    Sick sedans! We are trying to get a sedan back together for my son.. it’s a 74 and missing a lot of parts.. we picked up a 76 wag and have everything we need except a drivers rear door for the sedan.. if you hear of one, lmk.. we want to bring this sedan back from the dead! You can see pics of our projects on my IG redrumlscarjunkie thanks for any info! Greg
  10. Nice progress & touches to the sedan!
  11. Redrumls

    610s unite!!!!!!

    I’m fixing the sedan.. the wagon is for parts.. I’m using everything I can off the wagon.. should be a sweet project for my son.My instagram is redrumlscarjunkie. You can check out the progress once we get started.. Greg
  12. Redrumls

    610s unite!!!!!!

    I had to pick up a wag to use for parts for my 610 sedan.. I was real hard to find parts.. we have everything we need for the sedan & more! Stoked!
  13. Looking good.. hard work pays off..
  14. Redrumls

    74 610 Goon

    Going to be sick with an SR! Good job on the wag..
  15. I sent you a link on IG, Savant is selling a nice set of front bumper guards off his goon. $40
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