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Looks like a lot of brake wear for 2,500 miles. The odometers on the Datsuns only go to 99,999 and then roll over to 00,000 and start again. Other high wear areas are the brake pedal rubber, floor mat under the gas pedal, driver's seat upholstery,  worn/polished shift knob and scratched/chipped windshield glass. 

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Looks like a lot of brake wear for 2,500 miles. The odometers on the Datsuns only go to 99,999 and then roll over to 00,000 and start again. Other high wear areas are the brake pedal rubber, floor mat under the gas pedal, driver's seat upholstery,  worn/polished shift knob and scratched/chipped windshield glass. 

Mike, I am the fourth person to possess  the car, the second registered owner, Consuelo owned it up to '79. As I have stated, it came to Washington in '79 with paperwork stating the mileage at that time. Now, as you and I know the odo could have been disconnected and there could be 1,000,000 miles on the car. I don't believe the odo was reset or rolled over 99,999. However, there are other indications that it does have more miles that shown. My personal est. is 50,000-60,000. I will never know.

As for the carpet it was the original carpet and had no major wear where you would find it. I pulled it out because it was rotten, it stunk and was moldy from sitting since '79. Remember I did write that I found beach sand and bobby pins, I presume from Consuelo. Shift knob is not worn. The windshield is not chipped, it is broken in two. The upholstery is trashed and there is a carcus of a mouse it one seat. The biggest problem this car has had, are the two interum possessers (nether legally "owned" it).


I would hope people enjoy and are informed from the pictures I am posting. If you don't want me to post any more, let me know. My focus is to get it going, drive it and have fun. That is my story and I am sticking to it. And as a thought Mike, come over to my house and look at it. I will show you. Bring a couple of Ratsun stickers with you, I will pay for them.

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I have a 69 roadster 1600 in horrendously bad shape. That being said it runs ok. It leaks out the master brake cylinder though so brakes only work for about 2 hours after you bleed them, then you have to start over.


There aren't many roadsters getting worked on here, so I'm enjoying your posts.

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Just an observation not a criticism and no offense intended. My '74 had the original muffler with the part number embossed on it and no clamps from being replaced. I doubt any muffler would last 118K miles. Had a perfect Toyo spare that had never been removed from the trunk, a jack and tool kit in mint condition including the crank handle, original rad and heater hoses. 

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Thanks Mike, no offense taken. I am just trying to convey what I know and what I find. The car, after '79, has had a rough existence. When I had the drums turned the guy stated that they show signs of being over heated. Accounting for excessive brake wear? The left rear quarter panel  has been replaced, whoever did it did a good job, not great but good. I found a 1/4" thick slab of bondo where the datsun 1500 emblem goes. It does have the original exhaust system. The radiator was gone when I got the car.


Its fun posting pictures on the forum of what I have done. I have excel spreadsheets to keep track of cost and am also putting pictures, notes, receipts, etc. in binders so, if I kick the bucket before I finish, the next owner will know what I have done and cuss at me at the appropriate time.

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I don't keep track of the cost (or I'd cry) but I do keep a running mental tab on what been done.

I know what you mean Mike but, like I wrote, I want to write it down so I remember.

Like this.

Here is the original license plate (first tab is '64 last tab is '74) and frame from Continental Imports out of San Diego. The other is from a Fresno pontiac dealer. My dad picked it up because it has my name on it.


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Well, got stuck putting the fuel system back together, I have to wait til spring and warmer weather to do what I want. So, I turned to pulling the head off of the engine to see what I have, it has the late 1500 head. The word from the po was that it was bored .040 over. It turns out that it is bored .030 over on the original block. The po never ran the engine which is a good thing. The head was not torqued properly and the "long tenth bolt" was in the wrong hole with washers under it. The valves look to be the original. I plan on doing a complete tear down and cleaning. It looks like they drug it through mud after it was rebuilt. I hope to just clean it and put it back together. I will post more pictures as I tear it down.

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Got the head to the rebuild shop. It looks like the valve seats have been replaced, it will be cleaned, pressure checked and magna fluxed. So, I started to tear down the block.
As near as I can tell it has been 40 years and has never been run after its rebuild. Ready to remove the oil pan.

Inside, compared to the rest of the engine, the oil pump looks new. Yeah.

Well, if cleanliness is next to Godliness when rebuilding an engine, the person who rebuilt this engine was an atheist.

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Well, I have done a few things,
Cleaned and greased the seat rails. Latch pin for the seat was broken so I made a new one, works good, pictured is the broken one,

Gutted the drivers side seat, got rid of the petrified mouse carcass and fixed it so I can use it to bleed the brakes. Actually, quite a lot of adjustment in the seat.

Gas tank is ready to go back in, now if only I can find the two front strap bolts,

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The drivers seat is very adjustable,



I found the bolts for the front straps on the gas tank. I had searched all over my garage and they appeared on my bench. Tank is ready to go in. Vent tubing was installed.


 While looking for the bolts I came across a working temp sending unit for the 1500 in bucket of bolts.

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Been a while since I have posted and the summer has gone by way to fast. Lost a lot of pictures, don't really have an interest in setting up another picture hosting site.

I have had the car for about 4 years but, have really not put more than about a months worth of actual work into it. I have put a lot more money into the engine than I had expected to but this is one thing I need to get right. With any luck and fair weather I should have the engine and trans in by late November.

I have set a goal for myself to get it running and on the road by early next summer.

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I have a 68 1600 roadster that I've had for about 7 years now and have done a ton of work to (mechanically, not so much on the bodywork side of things). If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or there is always 311s.org.


A short list includes:

Full engine and trans rebuild

Driveshaft and rear axle full rebuild

Volvo girling front brake conversion with vented rotors

Brake and clutch lines

Various electrical updates, including headlight harness

Mike Young competition front springs, new ball joints, and new shocks

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