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70's Era Soft Rock Videos

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It was a glorious time... well after Vietnam ended and the Watergate scandal was over.


After the tumult of the 60's we just wanted to feel good in the 70's...and the music for the most part exemplified this.


This was the music which propelled us down the road and Datsuns were at their zenith.



The 70's wasn't all Zeppelin, Sabbath and the Stones.


This is the music which was played on the standard of the time , AM radio with personality driven DJ's.


For me in Boston it was WRKO and Wolfman Jack (who may have been syndicated nationwide).


Soft rock singer-songwriters defined the era, with their command of the craft and production techniques of the time.



This was the era before videos and their rudimentary form is refreshing; no one is trying to sell me anything.


For me this not pure nostalgia, I still listen to this as it has withstood the test of time.






Anyone else have any fond memories?

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Most of them where one hit wonders, or just one time wonders. But it was a simpler time and a great time to be a kid! 



So were we back then.



Once I was a child, now I am only a man..... Your Possible Pasts  Pink Floyd.

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You guys should stream KFOG outta San Fransisco sometime.. It isn't just 70s oldies ( they do play them) but  it's some cool buzz type music,, like acoustic sunrise-sunset  Sundays. Or 10 at 10 in the morning Trust me i'm a doctor.





Now back to the regular 70s programming




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