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Datsun 4x4


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Yep, V6 Got the specs and some more pics :D


I'm sure Darrin wouldn't mind :D .His Datsun has a Buick V6,a Klune V,Dana 60s F & R,full Hydro,42" Iroks,linked front and a bunch of other shit.Here's a couple recent pictures.






At least he's doin it in a Datsun :D

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Here's another one :D


I used to run an old datsun like that.....here's a few pics. The truck has since been retired and replaced by a yota.


It had a 454 tbi, sm465, divoced twin sticked 205, full hydro and 60 /14 bolt w/ detroits, 39.5's on beadlocks. It was built on a full size dodge frame that was shortened 24". I bought the cab for 25 bux in oklahoma, traded a go cart for the dodge and bought an old 1 ton farm truck for 650 for the diffs. Had a lot of fun in it, but the rust took over the truck after thousands of offroad miles....





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2eDeYe;79627'']I wanna see pic's of that...shoehorn install? :D







i have a few more too. once i can access photobucket :rollseyes:

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