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Trying to locate a MK2 golf to scavenge the steel flares


You can get aftermarket fenders for a MK1 on JC Whitney fairly cheap? I think the left was $40ish and the right was $70ish?


On my buddy Tim's 1200 (dimlight65) we used 4 front fenders from a Dodge Omni. They don't have the body line crease the MK1/MK2 Golfs do...


No pics when we first did them, only what they look like now...   :sleep:


Omni for comparison:



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I cant find any supplier of Omni tins.


We had the same problem. Ended up spending a few Saturdays cruising junkyards looking for Omnis... 


Asswhip, and ended up being only slightly cheaper than new Chinese Golf fenders...    :rofl:

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Looky at what I be working on :D


That's awesome! Will it use the 510/240Z OEM lid?

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Looks way better than the maddat one. And fits better too. Wish I could return mine and buy yours.

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Sounds like a deal. Only problem is mine is in New Jersey and I am away in Australia for awhile. Also mine is for right hand drive. If still interested I might be able to get someone to send it to you.

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