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I realize the master brake cylinder brace is still in the developmental stage, as it's works it's way through to a working sample I want one of these. I understand it bolts to the strut tower and has an adjustable bolt that contacts the end of the brake master cylinder to greatly reduce the fire wall flexing when applying the brakes. Have someone step on the brakes of your 1200 and watch the flex! Just change out the rubber brake line at the rear of Smurf with stainless steel braided line to match the front ones and replaced the right front caliper- was leaking- brakes are much better but..And yes I need to remove brake pedal and weld up clevis pin hole and re-drill as the hole is almost twice the stock size!

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They look great but you are missing the plastic baffle that sits flat below the cowl grille.  I could give you my 3d cad file for the baffle as I was going to reproduce them in plastic myself but you are miles ahead of me.


Also as suggested on the 1200.com site I think you should look into Anodizing them.   That would be amazing.   Also I sent you a PM on 1200.com


Keep us posted!



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I sold a near new set of similar Work Equip 03's in silver with polished lip to Randman (Randy) but he put them on his 510 instead of his 1200.  It'll be cool to see these on your 1200.  They'll look 'huge' on such a small car lol..but good color. :)

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