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Bonvo's pacifier 77 620kc


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Well the subaru is finally gone i traded it for this and 400 bucks has a fresh l20b and is all stock aside from a little lowering




















hood trim is in tact



plans as of now are in the air i know i am going to clean it up and fix a few of the issues it has then ill either keep it or sell it so dont be afraid to shoot me offers guys if you want her

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Deluxe logos and a bench.  That's... odd.


So is the Oregon plate on the rear and the Washington plate on the front.


The vac advance isn't 90 degrees off, it's 180.  Dist is on backwards, I think, though the location of the timing plate on the dist would determine that.

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well today i went to work im still on workers comp and recovering from surgery so there is only so much i can do so much on crutches so i washed it took 3 times as long as it normally would :( i dont know whhen this thing was last washed but i would guess it was around when i was born this thing was FILTHY but it cleaned up nice






interior cleaned up good the interior plastics and vinyl are in good shape







i took a little bit of polishing compound to a corner of the cab the paint polishes out nice 



this my friends is why i love datsuns i had no headlights so i removed the fuse box and cleaned the shit out of it replacing all the fuses with new got my running lights and tails back but still no headlights clean teh connections at the lights boom got the right one back replace the left bulb with one i had kicking around the shop boom got both head lights back





removed the cardboard and ducktape on the air cleaner to find half the air cleaner assembly has been cut away. not that it matters much as its gonna get a weber soon anyway





gonna have to get creative with some brakets if im gonna keep the stock bench but it should be doable just need to get me some metal

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pulled the valve cover today they werent kidding when they said the head had just been gone threw 




seat mounts mocked up






tomorrow shit starts happening i plan to at least finalize the seat if things go well and im not hurting to much ill check the dwell and check valve adjustment clean the shit out of the engine bay and if i can get help bleed the clutch and bleed and adjust the brakes 


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