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i hear a whistling sound...


Ha ha ha ha ... no, not yet


It's OOOOO Kayyyy. Not the end of the world.


Think of it as the First Amendment of Ratsun with 'Ratsun' representing the 'State' and the 'Classifieds' as being an 'Organized Religion'. Thus we have a 'separation of Church and State' and one does not interfere with the other.



I removed the second post as being superfluous.

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Can we get a ruling on this?


Also for datzenmike:  If a sweet young asian bikini model was posing by her lowered 521 with a FS5W63 5-speed swap and 4.11 rear gears, what would be the proper speedo gear?


Well first I would ask to inspect her rear end to be sure....



I believe the 510 uses a 17 tooth pinion gear same as the 200sx dogleg. This would work on a stock 3.90 510 rear end but a 4.11 will be going slower at same RPMs so needs more teeth to slow the speedometer down.


4.11 / 3.90 = 5.38%


17 tooth / 18 tooth = 5.88% Which is close enough and only 0.004% error or under 1/2 a MPH at 100MPH..


The 18 tooth pinion gear can be found in several vehicles including the A10 4 speed. Part # 32703-N9018

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