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what I think Ratsun is all about

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I think it is about friends, hangin, swapping stories, bs about cars and well,girls (sorry female readers) It is helping other members when needed.. which brings me to my point...I want to give a big Kudos out to Icehouse (Jeff) he took time out of his week and came down and helped me and Steve work on our trucks today... And I will say it was a very prodective day. Got mine to run and steves to run better still have issues on both rides.But I am so much closer than I was due to Jeff. And to all others that have answered my questions and offer advice..I thank you all as well. And that is what I think this web site is about.Bringing the people that want to help and love the Datsun autos all together. So if it isnt said enough or at all THANKS to all that have helped so many in the past and in the future. And Extra bright Star for Icehouse...you go above be on....:) :)

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I feel the same way Dave, I love bull shitting and just talking about Datsuns and the history of all the members. A lot of Datsuners I meet aren't to into the internet/forum thing. BUT then everyone calls me with millions of Datsun questions, I tell them they could learn and add to the boards. I guess what I'm saying is I appreciate everyone on here, always adding there 2 cents, shit I even like the bad 2 cents, kinda puts it into perspective (directed at Hainz)


Thank you Ratsun Members!!!

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I like his "You on crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or summtin ?????????? Or "Your girlfriend has you in her vagina vicegrips" Or "You can sell that now for $200 or in 6 months to me for $35, when your g/f gets knocked up"


Good stuff, great site!

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I think it is about friends, hangin, swapping stories, bs about cars and well,girls (sorry female readers) It is helping other members when needed..


I think that is the description of every good car community. There aren't many of us around today with that old school mentality. Everything comes from the heart, with nothing but good intent in mind, and I really think thats what keeps everything together and running.

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I agreee with 1low on this point. This site & even over @ NWDE & ODPL ive met alot of people online & a few in person & a few over the phone who have helped keep my Datsun trucks on the road! I rely on the differerent opinions & advice from people who have already been where ive been mechanically. Down here in SD it's just me & Ryan & hell, he's helped me a number of times on my 620 & ive done stuff to his without hesitation. Let it be known id rather my truck be down for a few days while i wait for some advice from you guys than take my truck to a mechanic...hell it's just an L motor...:D

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that is what I have always felt about people here was the shareing of info was (is) awsome! I got so tired of the crap with the domestic car clubs wanting to keep all improvement so secret


My dad used to say "there's more than one way to skin a cat" and there's more than one way to fix a Datsun. If it can be done, or done cheaper, or better, or easier, or even simpler I want to read about it. If it gives better mileage, or performance, lasts longer, is stronger, and is safer, even if it's just an idea or an opinion, I want to know about it and I come here to get that. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's edgy, but all of it with the best of intentions. Great idea Iceman, hainz was right about your motivation, running this show is a full time job as far as I'm concerned. I don't know how you do this .... just keep it up!

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Your saying that Blue 521 that was at your house is on the road yet(the one I got running with the bad diff)


Or is it becomming one with the Earth somewhere in a Junk pile????????


That blue 521 is a nice rig, I think nicer than mine. No rust. Interior just sucked and needed a diff.


Hope it isnt rotting somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



They got a new diff in it and we bleed the breaks, one of the rear wheel cylinders is bad, but skip did drive it around the block a few times. So its on its way to being on the road, I was tell skip to by new wheel cylinders instead of trying the used ones on the old diff, gotta keep them making parts right :D

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