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Should I sell my 510 to buy a 240z?

510 for 240z?  

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  1. 1. Should I sell the 510 to get the 240z?

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So I am really torn between two cars.
My current 4 door 510 is in really good condition with very minor rust, has a redone interior, and is mechanically sound. Since I have owned it I havent had to put much money into it. The only thing is that I wish it was a manual and not an automatic.

The 240z on the other hand needs some help in the interior (its not horrible its just been fermenting for a while), but the dash is not cracked which is a bonus. Could use some love when it comes to the carbs and exhaust. 


It also has very minimal rust and already has a front air dam, 3 piece spoiler and louvers on the rear window.

Both cars could use some new paint and re-chromed bits but its not really needed.


I would probably have to find another $500-$1000 after selling my 510 to even be able to get the 240z and thats where im torn.

Selling a car thats been really reliable to me for something I know im going to need to work on while also having to put more money its way just to purchase it.

I was just curious what peoples opinions would be. I know its all about personal preference when it comes to choosing a car but would anyone do this trade and if so, why?

Im located in British Columbia Canada which makes both these cars pretty hard to come by in good condition and for a decent price.


Thanks for your time!
Heres a few pics (i need more of my 510)







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I say by the z, especially if you have to ask for help deciding..I have had both chassis and i personally prefer the 510. Im in high school and like riding around with friends....either decision would be a good one, just get a car you will fall in love with and that suits you.

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Glad to hear, felt like I was crazy for wanting to keep a 510 over a Z.
As a friend told me earlier today, Z cars were sports cars and were taken care of where 510s were the economy car of the day and were disposable. 

Also for a daily it does make things so much more convenient. 

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I have owned both Z cars and 510s for over 25 years. Several Z cars starting way back in 1980 with my first 72 240Z. Got my first 510 in 1983. I love them both but if I had to choose, I would choose the 510. 


While the Z car is a sexy sporty car, and lots of people know what they are and think they are beautiful,  the 510 has that certain something.

The french say Je ne sais quois which means " I don't know what"


But even after having built my dream 240Z, (LS1 powered and built to near show quality) I still would choose a 510. There is just something about driving it that makes me feel good. I know it is boxy, that is part of the appeal. The fact that it was probably the first Japanese tuner cars probably adds to it too. 


Take a look on eBay and see how many 240Z's are for sale. Then look at how many 510's are for sale. The Z's will outnumber the 510's by at least 10 to 1. 510's have become much more rare then the 240Z and from a cost perspective, I thinks the value of a clean 510 will surpass the value of the 240Z over time.


Your 510 looks like nice example. A swap to a manual trans is not too hard. It can be done in a weekend. I would suggest doing the trans swap and driving the 510 with a manual for a while. Then if you still lust for a Z, you can sell the dime for more and easily find a 240Z. But when you realize that you made a mistake and want another 510, it will take you longer and cost you more to find a good one.


My 2 cents.


510's for ever.





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