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  1. Bandit

    Smoking Wire and Ignition just stopped.

    Well I ended up cutting the burnt bit of the wire off and and crimping a new piece on and it didnt do it again so I really dont know what happened to the wire. Turns out the battery is just to old and cold to start the car since it worked perfectly when I jump started the car.
  2. Bandit

    Smoking Wire and Ignition just stopped.

    It was a perfect daily before I parked it but I took the column shift out but didnt touch anything in that area so im not exactly sure what happened, moisture from sitting outside maybe.
  3. Bandit

    Smoking Wire and Ignition just stopped.

    Ok that makes sense, I was wondering why it would do it all of a sudden but didnt bring into consideration that it wasnt the oem dizzy, There were only a few spots where the wires were exposed and I couldnt find any damage to the wire but I will check near the fuse box to see if anything is up there. Hate not having a garage!
  4. Bandit

    Smoking Wire and Ignition just stopped.

    Hahaha thats a good motto xD I believe its a El Dizzy, it got dark and my hands were already numb so I didnt take pictures before leaving sadly.
  5. Bandit

    Smoking Wire and Ignition just stopped.

    Herp Derp sorry forgot to give the most important information of all >.< 1970 Datsun 510 3 speed Auto
  6. So my car has been sitting for about 6 months or so now and I am trying to get it back together to put up for sale. The battery was dead so I stuck in the battery from my other car and bam she started a lot easier than I truly expected! All of a sudden it died tho without a sputter, just lost power completely. When i turned the key to fire the ignition nothing happened, no sound, just the volt meter in the car dropped to 0 (though a tester showed that the batter didnt lose any power) I thought maybe the battery was dead since i didn't test the battery till my uncle came along to help so I jumped it with another car and it fired and started again. This time it had warmed up and I was just letting it clear out all the crap when it died the same way again. With the ignition set to on we manually started the starter and it worked fine but then again died and thats when the smoke happened. It was a black and white wire coming off the coil, which according to the wiring diagram I have should have a resistor (which it doesnt) and the coil doesnt look to be grounded properly after looking at the wiring diagram. The burning went straight for the coil but didnt go very far down the wire to cause any more damage. I checked the fuse and it isnt blown so I am not really sure why the wire all of a sudden decided to do what it did, is it because its been sitting outside for a while without having been started? Also does anyone know what kind of resistor I should use (im going to cut the burnt wire off and solder some new wire on with a resistor this time) Im terrible with wiring so your help is greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post!
  7. Well crap haha, I really dont want to source a manual pedal so I will probably just bend the auto one. I did run up to my car today but forgot to bring a drill for the actual pedal so didnt accomplish anything lol. I move the pedal over an inch and it still pushed down on the metal but properly and gave me a decent amount of space but probably still not enough. This is where is was sitting underneath the carpet so ill see if I can move it further and bend the meal bit a bit more to get some more clearance. Mines a 70 and had a 3 speed column shift. (which was a PITA to remove -.-)
  8. The metal arm is on the very right of the pedal so if I move it over the pedal over it should still touch the metal arm and give me the space I need. I will take a look tomorrow for the dimples and if I cant find any I guess I will just have to drill into floor without the markings :o I thought about trying it out but after peoples thoughts on the ratsun FB page and me looking at it better today I decided that it really wasnt the safest option lol. Also thanks to whoever changed the title :thumbup:
  9. I have been reading that I should be able to bolt the clutch pedal into the automatic trans pedal assembly but the bolt hole was there and I had no problems until I put the brake pedal in and realized its WAY to close to the accelerator. I had also heard that there was an extra set of bolts to move the gas pedal over but I couldnt seem to find any extra bolt holes. Im just wondering if there is a difference in the pedal assembly box that would space it better (doesnt seem like it would because it still needs to line up for the master cylinders). If not I guess I will just have to head the pedal up and bend it into place..... Heres a picture of how it currently sits in the 510. On a side note, I hope this is in the right section :blush:
  10. Omg I need money like right now! Look forward to seeing more mounted pics!!!
  11. Bandit

    Should I sell my 510 to buy a 240z?

    Glad to hear, felt like I was crazy for wanting to keep a 510 over a Z. As a friend told me earlier today, Z cars were sports cars and were taken care of where 510s were the economy car of the day and were disposable. Also for a daily it does make things so much more convenient.
  12. So I am really torn between two cars. My current 4 door 510 is in really good condition with very minor rust, has a redone interior, and is mechanically sound. Since I have owned it I havent had to put much money into it. The only thing is that I wish it was a manual and not an automatic. The 240z on the other hand needs some help in the interior (its not horrible its just been fermenting for a while), but the dash is not cracked which is a bonus. Could use some love when it comes to the carbs and exhaust. It also has very minimal rust and already has a front air dam, 3 piece spoiler and louvers on the rear window. Both cars could use some new paint and re-chromed bits but its not really needed. I would probably have to find another $500-$1000 after selling my 510 to even be able to get the 240z and thats where im torn. Selling a car thats been really reliable to me for something I know im going to need to work on while also having to put more money its way just to purchase it. I was just curious what peoples opinions would be. I know its all about personal preference when it comes to choosing a car but would anyone do this trade and if so, why? Im located in British Columbia Canada which makes both these cars pretty hard to come by in good condition and for a decent price. Thanks for your time! Heres a few pics (i need more of my 510)
  13. Bandit

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Looked at pictures waiting to be able to get her back on the road :crying:
  14. Bandit

    Car Nicknames, Whats Yours?

    Bandit, cause its the first car I have owned that wasn't a Mazda. I dont usually name cars other than my first but this one popped into my head on the morning of going to look at it. I just knew she was going to steal my heart :blush:
  15. Bandit

    pic of your dime

    Love that blue ^^

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