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  1. By the way, I sold this. Peace out guys. Hopefully I'll see you again someday.
  2. I have a book at home in the basement that will teach you everything you need to know about them. Since you are my brother, it can be yours in exchange for a 6 pack of beer
  3. car is still for sale

    1. r0p0doe


      Ill give yah a dollar...

    2. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Quitter trolol. Also your ad probably expired unless this is a trolling line then well done sir.

    3. pondking
  4. Oh, I wanna play too Pair of Bridgestone potenza wheels. 15x6.5 +12
  5. Pretty sure I'm gonna sell. Not sure when yet. Definitely by September
  6. The old Konig Rewinds were 14x7 -9 and those required a small bit of fender roll.
  7. it might be time to get out of the datsun game...

    1. laotsu


      I agree, send me all your rare parts

    2. Raggleflaggle
    3. skyblue


      never say die!

  8. if any one sees any 510 shells for sale on the east coast, let me know. it would be cheaper for me to buy one and swap all my parts into it rather than fixing the gapping holes in my current 71. i'm willing to drive.
  9. so stevexc should definitely sell me a pair of wheels for my dime.... hint hint
  10. seems like a great starting point. i'll be watching this to see where it goes.
  11. Tension control rods installed. Handles pretty nice. Lost half my rocker panel on the interstate today. Now is when I start to worry about rust repair over anything else.
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