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  1. nooo im going to be out of town !!! i still havent been to one of these and i work on that town
  2. i feel the same about pt cruisers, now that i know everyone is welcome il try to make it next time =)
  3. 4 doors galore acrophobia stateside
  4. great group also you can win a snuggy
  5. pt cruiser = im not posting a pic fack dat
  6. My bad il try again next time what time did you guys get back at the shop>?
  7. Me waiting for you guys under a tree after i got of work, i heard you guys got stuck in park presideo i just went home il try again next time
  8. maximas are great i had a 2000 automatic great leather interior good year good motor the world was not yet concerned about making things cheap and fuel economy... oh and welcome =) i was on maxima.org and mx6.org
  9. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/4566366541.html
  10. the ones from the sprinters right? they feel really good also good on gas
  11. bustanut you up to swapping the turbo merc diesel engine from my fedex sprinter van to my 510? LETS DO IT!~!!! YOU GOT A LIFT RIGHT? HEHEHE
  12. CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dont care saw tits :thumbup: Im pretty sure people think its fake but still wanna see it cause its just freaky lookin the extra gaps on my comment line is because my gf just walked in the room i dont have the 10 mins to explain to her wtf im looking at on the net
  14. seeing your dime at the shop everyday makes my day x2 on fridays when i see 2 at the shop :thumbup:
  15. that flying camera would be cool to make fun run videos
  16. I work saturdays but il stop by and say hello :w00t:
  17. whats your budget dudeeeeeeee? i got one for sale 1970(69 features) 4 door ka24de runner registered insured for 6700 280zx front new kumho tires on enkie 92s message me your email il email u pix ... weird color :thumbup: oh its in socal il be driving it up here when i get a place
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