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Walli's Dirti Martini


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Picked up a 73 620 for a friend today.  Maybe some of you seen this on CL.   Got it in Wallingford, Seattle.  paint code 104 (Olive Green).  Hence the name Walli's Dirti Martini that we came up with on the drive back to Olympia.  Came with a New webber, matchbox dizzy, a extra unchipped front windshield, one stock rear window and a slider rear window, the bench seat, and some other stuff.  Didnt get any pics loading it because I was in a tight little one lane street with cars parked on both sides having to block the road with the truck and the trailer jackknifed into the parking garage entrance.  Was in a hurry...  


snapped a couple at the first stoplight.





got it to my house with no issues.


























Hopefully going to work a little on it this weekend... 

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well now we both have build threads for a third party ......nice ... not much a 620 fan and definitely woulda went for the extra cab ...but still nice ... I already got a call about my spare titans....lol.....white titans to go with white fenders...

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Nice score. So you were the one that came by after me to look at it sunday. I was so close in buying that truck but decided against it as the front end was a lil smashed in but other than that, everything was in top shape.  Especially for the price. Glad it's a ratsun owner  B)

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Z seats... Plenty of head room. The one's that came in my 620 rattled like a SOB. Nice base to start with.


I thought they are Z seats, now I know..  they are nice to sit in.



Nice score. So you were the one that came by after me to look at it sunday. I was so close in buying that truck but decided against it as the front end was a lil smashed in but other than that, everything was in top shape.  Especially for the price. Glad it's a ratsun owner  B)


Yeah, I was hesitant about the front too, but for 400, its like buying the new carb and a matchbox with the truck thrown in for free...  


As for the rest of the truck.  Only rust we spotted so far was a little spot on the driverside rocker.  floors seem solid, but we'll see when we start working on it.  The bed and tailgate are in great shape.  No outward dents like most from shit rolling around.  looks like newer shocks front and rear. and some newer bushings on the swaybar.  


Saturday we going to investigate a "bent or sticky valve"...

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Had a very interesting and eventful day today.  Starting with Jrock (Jon) picking me up at around 8ish in the am and went to Tdaaj's (Ted) place for some 610 Raping.  For Jons wagon IRS project...


poor smelly thing...



Then to another friends place to look at a 79 drift tastic 620 with a blown HG L20 for Jons 521.  forgot to take pics, because I was eating my breakfast from a sound sound speedway grocery (they deliver beer BTW for $5 charge=AWESOME!).  


The I went home and hopped in my 521 and up to spanaway and picked this shit up for My Daily Brownie



 ooooohhhh fun.



Then back to my place for some Walli's Dirti Martini fun...   investigate the "valve problem"...


ummmm.... WTF!!!  someone put a bolt that too long in the thermostat housing and it went into the timing chain guide...




sweet! its bent.




and worn into, so it was ran that way.



so off comes the head.




WTF IS THIS!!!  this was in the #1 cylinder (valve problem area)... 




its a ball of course steel wool. Im guessing this cause the "valve problem" as its now a compressed ball with two flat sides.  and its in between the size of a pea and a corn kernel.  Dont think thats good for a motor...  Also, whats wrong with the cam sprocket and bolt???




I knew this truck was too good of a deal....


its now sitting in my garage awaiting for the judges ruling for its next sentencing.  Wonder what the bottom end looks like, when the top end looks like that...






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This is a truck for my friend and we havent driven this truck yet.  But, just sitting in it. I usually dont like buckets in a truck. but I like them a lot.  comfy, low sitting, side support.  they do seem to put you a little more forward  then a bench. but, overall seems more roomy.

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so did sean show up or this your own progress.......i can come over in the morning......stay away from my motor we looked at ......man that truck is a turd but the all oem l 20 is sexy...hans and i may go pull it where it sits.....he actually is gonna go to kent and pick up the motors tristin turned me onto .... its a l20 and a z 24 block ..... i think he wants to build one of those z2.3s or what ever where u use the z block ....not sure onthe mod .. but i think it will be a ripper with su's and the z block .....i just want a little more free way power......excited we went and got that irs gonna go inventory it in the am....ted is a super guy ...real asset to the datsun community......looks like we got a future 521 er too ... our friend mat is hard on getting one .....looked at teds truc andnow looking at another inthe morning....although hes worried the uy is a tweaker.....lol

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lol frank yeah that's hows its done unless theres no manifold and u dont wanna scratch your pretty powder coated eyelet....what u don't do is attempt to straighten the stud with a ballpeen hammer for the third time....then it turns into a game of plinko....when that thing leaves plan on building a bench ....im o it

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You keeping that bench?


If you want to come down to Tenino and grab it, its yours...  (might want to get with Tdaaj also, if you make the trip, hes got a plethora of parts...)



is this a 200mm or 225mm flywheel so hope you got the correct T/O bearing and sleeve in there if 225mm as theL16 one is different unlss its a 200mm flywheel then its OK


Thanks Hainz, We got the L20 and the 5spd out of a 80 720.  the two came attached.  think were good... ;)


But, I just took the intake and exhaust off of it and the middle stud broke off in the head.  (why did I have to make fun of jrock?)....BLAH!!!!

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