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  1. Goldfish101

    LaBlue LaGoon

    You get your high beams fixed?:)
  2. Winning those would give me an excuse to get another 521:)
  3. looks good man! super close to being done with my Ka swap, what throttle cable are you using? thanks
  4. From memory that looks right, you need took hook up power and ground to the can am box and need ignition power on the key power slot
  5. thank you for the reply guys, but... yes the other end of that big grey plug has all the wires i need... but there isnt a brown.. there is only a blue with green stripe. ive used the diagram from page one of this thread, which says its a brown wire, and the diagram below shows its a brown wire, but i dont have said brown wire?? the wire from pin 113 is light blue and goes from the ecu to the grey plug going into the intake which is where from the diagram below and page 1 and everthing else ive read and found there should be a brown wire coming out of that same plug that connects to the grey plug ess and ecc bup and such. everything else im confident is wired correctly.
  6. need help with wiring a s13 ka24de into a 521. figured all the wires out off the diagram from page one except the brown wire going to the iacv to the run on the can am box. I actually think i do have it right but wanna confirm. i dont have a brown wire coming out of the plug going in the iacv. i have a blue with green strip coming off that plug that goes under the intake to the iacv and air regulator and the other end goes into the grey plug that has my ecu bup ecss 1 and run 2 and is the only un accounted for wire so i think its it. can anyone confirm this? im sure if i had some pictures that would help also but atm i dont. thank you any that can help!
  7. Looks good man, I can't wait to see if all finished up. Have you figured out the oil pan yet?
  8. I don't know how I didn't know you had a build thread! It's coming along nice!! I may have some questions in the near future as I'm picking up a ka for my truck soon:) congrats on Costco, since I haven't seen you yet you at Lacey?
  9. I'm jealous of that flare tool! that looks like it's coming along good! Are you finally going to be able to run shocks?
  10. Disregard my last post, for some reason they only showed the links and not the pics last night. That looks good man!
  11. I think you ctrl-c the wrong lines.....
  12. The pictures make it worse than is really is..... On a side note jon, I saw that elusive unfamiliar toilet
  13. Yo man, thanks again for fixing my shit while I was at work!
  14. so...... Do I need to go over to your house and take the pictures for you?? Did your batteries die on your camera? Whats going on?
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