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  1. Datsun 620 floors. Surface rust. https://offerup.co/5c5oOmQCGX
  2. I got one recently from oreilly's. The stock reservoir should fit too although I plan on getting new ones from tilton. It was about 7-8 bucks a reservoir when i checked. http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/OBH3/111837/01292.oap?year=1979&make=Nissan&model=280ZX&vi=1209293&ck=Search_master+cylinder_01292_1209293_3629&keyword=master+cylinder&pt=01292&ppt=C0066
  3. Wow looks great! Can you show how it's mounted? Seems a little loose.
  4. Yep that's the reason why I'm worried on taking off the cam towers. I guess I'll keep an eye out for a better tool that works without removing it.
  5. Nice, alot of great information. Now, since we are talking about valves. What kind of valve spring compression tool do you guys use? I've used about 4 different style and have yet to find one that really works without the cam towers on the way. Wish there was one that I dont have to fight to get those off and on.
  6. Im just worried that if the valve is damaged from rotating the camshaft wile the bottom was at tdc. Didnt look like it but Ill need to double check once I can get to it.
  7. So stock springs should work? Whats the clearance for piston to valve that would be considered safe. Also should I bother checking again for any valve damage since I did rotate the cam while the piston was at TDC?
  8. Mike and scooter, that makes total sense and your assumption is correct that it's not timed yet. I've just noticed once I mocked the head up, the cam made some scratches from the valve so I got worried. I believe that was the exhaust valve too! I do however have bigger cams Racerbrown 325r so I'll double check but I think I should be ok since I have stock valves. Thanks guys for the quick response!!!
  9. I have a Z22 block with stock Ka24 pistons on it. Does anyone know if I need to notch the pistons for valve clearance? I've searched and couldn't find any answer to this. I've seen one build thread and didn't seem like that person notched his pistons. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/39329-project-drag-521/page-2 I've also went ahead and put the head on and rotated the cam to check for clearance and it looks like it's hitting the pistons? BTW the valve hasn't been properly adjusted yet. Any info will help. Thanks.
  10. I was going to say chamorro but wasn't sure since you were living there in japan. lol. Solid project going on here.
  11. Damn Nice. Where do you guys find those type of wheels.
  12. I didn't have cams on there.. I guess I'll have to try that route. I made a homemade lever with the same concept.. I ended up bending the handle bar.. :crying: .. I'll check that one out.
  13. Thanks, good to know since I didn't want to mess with the towers..
  14. I always search before posting. Posting is usually my last resort... I tried three different kinds of those and it's not able to grab the inner springs... I think I have a nismo springs and its one heavy ass springs...
  15. I've been battling on getting the valve springs removed for about a month now. Such a bitch to get the valve springs out!! While using a valve compressor tool, I accidentally scratched the inside of the cam towers enough to create a burr. Can I just de burr this and get on with it or would I need to replace the cam towers.. Its right on the lip on one side of the cam towers.. Also if anyone has suggestion on the best type of tool to use to remove valve springs, let me know. I've tried vice clamp compressors, c-clamp compressors, regular valve spring compressor and even made couple custom ones.. Its a big pain in the ass..
  16. I actually got my Z22 bored out and honed to standard 89mm from the machine shop. So either they removed too much or my piston ring is defective...
  17. Do anyone know where I can get File Fit piston rings? I can't seem to find anywhere that has those rings. Would an oversize piston rings fit on a standard bore and pistons?
  18. This is also my second ring set and both set seems to be off for some reason. I'll be getting .20 oversize rings and see if I can file them down to size..... :confused:
  19. I suppose I should go that route... Damn rings.. Thanks btw
  20. Where did you get your specs from? I downloaded the FSM and it says for rings with "R" and "T" should be 0.017" to 0.023" and rings with "N" should be 0.017" to 0.027". Now I'm not sure what the difference are between those. Wonder if those markings have to do with the material or shape of the rings. The other messed up thing is that the max limit of ring gap is 0.020in. WTF?!
  21. Thanks, Building my first engine so I didn't want to screw it up... Always comforting when hearing from people that has dealt with this sort of things before.
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