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  1. Anyone know where I could find a oil pan and drive line?
  2. Started putting the front end back together
  3. I'm sorry maplenuts... Thank you for getting this build even started..thank you for the free wagon. Supper cool dude
  4. I went on the hunt to find some missing parts. Big shout out to Andrew spannagel for hooking me up with some parts.
  5. I have all ways wanted a datsun wagon ever since I saw 610 wagon. But I couldn't pass up picking up this free 710 wagon.
  6. I would love to own one if anyone is ready to sell!
  7. Was cool seeing you guys sorry I could stay out later..
  8. How long you guys going to stay down there?
  9. names Sean it's my truck. what can I do for yeah?
  10. I too would love some free stuff!!
  11. Fixed the angle on my drive line
  12. The one on the left was just pulled out of my 73 620.
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