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About to start building my 2nd LeMons car.


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Just wanted to say hi and show off my new 411 wagon that I just bought.  It's bound for The 24 Hours of LeMons.  Lots of work ahead, but it should be fun.

All I've done so far is have it transported to my garage in San Francisco from Portland and scrub all the dirt/moss/who knows what off the inside and outside of it. 

Looking to put disks on all four corners and figure out what direction I'm going to go engine wise.  






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Gotta see some pics proving this car too far gone, rusted, twisted, wrecked, etc. before I can be supportive of a classic Datto heading off to 24 Lemons.


Cutting them up for a quality build is fine but this is usually more busting them up.



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It was on Portland Craigslist for two weeks.  Y'all had yer chance... :rofl:

They sold it to me because the only ones responding to their ad were scrap metal people.  I provided a resume documenting my Datsun fanaticism over the last 25 years and they sold it to me.  I was also upfront about what it was going to be used for.  

Plus, my GTI LeMons car has done 7 races now, (7th place at the last Sears Point race), is still in good shape and it's still "street legal".

I'll post more pics this weekend.

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Hey Eric we should build a car !between two shops- maybe a 260z , (my buddies race one ) they are reasonable , cars can only be 500$ but I am sure people spend more and claim they spent 500.Then some FI. motor for gas mileage ,need four drivers and some bank, shame to mess up 411 .

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Thanks but that is actually a sedan lenses with a reflector built in. Do you have any motor mounts that may be rebuilable?

No motor mounts at all.  Most items of any value I think are gone or destroyed.  Maybe some interior bits or dash pieces. 

Photographic proof coming soon.  This car ain't as nice as some folks think it its...

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It almost looks like a flood "survivor" rinsed off and passed through a few title changes to obscure the origin.  Do you have any clue as to where the wagon originally came from?  No, I don't mean Yokohama.  I mean where it was originally sold and registered.  Most states will provide a record of title progression if properly asked.  "Title Trail" for a better term.  If it goes to and maybe ends at Alabama that is a big red flag.  Alabama will register almost anything with a clean washed title.  There was once a Porsche 917 race car built anew from a factory unused chassis and unregisterable in any European country that was finally registered in Alabama and drove throughout Germany on its "Heart of Dixie" plates.

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Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I can believe it spent most of it's life there. It's Oregon plates were last registered in 1993.  

I bought a 510 years ago in Olympia that was almost this bad.  If they're neglected, they will fall apart up there.  The amount of dirt and gravel that fell out of every nook and cranny of this car was amazing.    My brother got some info on the last registered owner, so I should have a title sometime soon.

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So, does anyone want to come save this car from me before I "destroy" it? 

I've got an insane work schedule for the next three weeks and won't have time to do much with it until after then.  

This is the last chance for the folks who think that what I'm doing is wrong with this this car to step up and save it. 

If not, it's new life will be spent on race tracks with my father, my brother, and myself flogging the crap out of it on various race tracks on the west coast.

Clock is ticking, and I'm still grinding!

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carry on. my project cars are in aboutthe same shape, hence why i cut it for flares. and the other is getting a 2 door conversion. just cant stand whne clean ones get cut up, this one, not so clean underneath, but she looks really complete, how much of it is gonna be used as far as seats wiring and all the trim peices?

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