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  1. just text me for pics if you need them 310 429 1660
  2. Guys If any of you are looking for a top notch rust free 67 SSS Sedan model I have 2 of them that I started restorations on but did not finish. Im looking to get them both out of my shop. the Red one will be about 6K and the Black one about 12K. Lots of work already into them. text or email for details no tire kickers Tom
  3. Ken They look identical to me I have cars with both engines. cant confirm except they look very close
  4. what did you do on the roadster 5 speed about the speedo cable? Neely
  5. Pedro Whats the latest? 98% of the time tube nut threads are 3/8-24 Keep us updated
  6. Ali, sounds good. If you need parts let me know. Work is crazy, Ive been working on the Bluebirds though every night. Just not traveling too much.
  7. Ali, i have been away for awhile. That thing is looking good baby Never sell it Did you figure out transmission thing? Neely
  8. Mike im not so sure about that. Late 67's sold as 68's came with a speaker and grille for it on the rear deck with the Datsun D on them. Most radios were dealer installed true but the later cars appear prepped for them no matter what the schematic says. There are dozens of errors in the manuals that is not a guaranteed document in this case
  9. Best grassroots Show in LA... thanks guys for putting it on. We need a bigger lot though. :)
  10. 2edeye the red one is correct. The other one is 510.
  11. Guys, I'm making a plea for you all to quit throwing away your stock steel 411 wheels. They are unique to the 410/411 contrary to popular belief. 510 stock steel wheels are not the same. for those of you who have been around 410/411's a long time know that they bend quite easily because of the deep backspace. That is why the gauge is heavy duty. Stock restorations need these wheels. Do it for all of 410/411 humanity. Thanks! Neely
  12. Ken, What Erich is saying is the RL411 R16 Manifold wont fit. The carbs are fine......You need the manifold for J's to do it. I have 2 manifolds for it if you still are thinking of doing the J engine that way. The carbs fit fine if you have the proper manifold. They came on all Jpaanese and Austrailian models known as the "Double S" or "SS" model which was the P410 with E1 1200CC engine (2 months only March / April 1965 ) and the P411 with J13 1300CC engine (May 1965 onward) Also FYI you can bore the J13 block out to about a1500CC and it is a winner and quite peppy. Thats where the J15 is arrived at in size. But the J15 was not offered as the engine. Neely
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