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  1. Buy the high torque starter for the roadster, the solenoid is clocked correctly on that one for the SSS I use it on mine John Lorio
  2. Erich Paul or Tom Neely, they work together and have fabbed new motor mounts. They are tricky and differ significantly right to left.
  3. Sockets for dash light bulbs for 410/411/520 . The NAPA part number is LS6501. They'r about $4.50 at NAPA
  4. OK after getting an instrument panel without any sockets for the dash lights et. al. I went on a search and found a replacement that fits: 5/8" standard ignition 2 terminal socket from STD O'reilly Auto Parts number S503A uses a 194 bulb, you can order online from O'Reilly's Auto Parts John
  5. You need a set of correct wagon tail light lenses, the set you have on are sedan tail light lenses (they have a reflector built in, which the wagon lenses don't ) fun cars! John
  6. Actually the 510 calipers are identical to the SSS calipers except they have metric threads so you you have to fab up a brake line with SaE on the car side and metric on the callipervside. The backing plates are slightly different.
  7. Actually mob dual carb manifold and SU carbs fit on a J13. I'm thinking of doing that on my wagon and bought a set that I dropped on a spare J13
  8. Both my 411s are on the road and driving great. The WPL wagon and the RL sedan. Finding parts took time but they all turned up
  9. I've managed to find all the suspension parts through EBAY and rockauoto. Tie rod ends were easy upper ball joints too lower ball joints took time. You can interchange the LHS and RHS ball joints if you're willing to redrill one hole in the lower control arm. a very expensive option is Carl from New Datsun Parts who sources NOS parts in Japan. He's great to deal with but not cheap. Perhaps you can get another Low ball joint from Cyprus? I'm looking into putting twin SU/hitachi carbs on my WPL wagon using an MGB manifold. I'd be interested if you find an SS 411 down in NZ for the carb linkage and setup. John
  10. The Williams Arizona all datsun show is open for registration. This year there is a class for 411 s and we are trying to get a bunch there. It's a great show and Williams is a neat town not far from the Grand Canyon. Hope to see some 411 s there! I'm bringing two John
  11. Bring it to Williams in October. Really fun show and we are trying to get 411s there. I'm bringing two. I've asked Chris to set up s 411 class due to increasing interest in these card. See nodtalgic Datsun for details.
  12. I think it was bottoming on the bump stops. Never felt like it was bottoming out except for the squirrelly driving. I'm leaving it stock for now.
  13. Ok in middle of night one thing occurred to me. I didn't cut the bump stops. Could that give me these symptoms if the car was bottoming out?
  14. Still had negative toe in after first two alignments and I tried more toe in. Steering felt very light and sensitive. I had also replaced ball joints and tie rod ends both inner and outer. With the stock springs the steering feels more firm and connected. I've no idea why the steering feels different now. I like the way the car drives now but I'm interested to understand what is going on
  15. Car felt unstable at interstate speed Surprised me because I've dropped my roadster without that effect. Something different in steering geometry between roadsters and 411s
  16. Yes I had it aligned twice.
  17. When I rebuilt the front end on my SSS I used roadster springs which dropped the front end about 1.5". The car drove terrible at speed darting all over the road. I had the front end shop install the stock springs (not easy) and now the car drives fantastic with good road feel in the wheel What changed in the front end geometry? Alignment shop says castor angle. Do any of you have similar experience with your dropped cars?
  18. I've got an extra rear bumper that you can have re chromed. Pm me if you are interedted
  19. Sure, you can drive the SSS if you like --- B)
  20. I'm actually going to bring both the wagon and the SSS now that it's no the road, Jason and Greg need to bring theirs up, which will make two more
  21. At least you are up early this morning!
  22. Will try to post one when I get home John
  23. Just put in 2" lowering blocks, I think they will stiffen the spring also due to a bigger spring pad. Car looks really low to me now, but I'll let it sit until I install the engine and see how it looks then. Upon inspection it looks to me that the Roadster springs would fit, the only obvious dimensional difference is in the front eye, which is much larger on the 411. The Roadster springs are stiffer and would perhaps change the shackle angle as they don't appear to have as much arch as the 411 springs. I may try them if I don't like the blocks. Thanks! John
  24. I'm thinking of lowering my SSS sedan. AZhitman suggested roadster springs up front which is nice as I have a pair on hand. I also have set of roadster rear springs. Any thoughts if they would fit? Would they lower car to match front?
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