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i am now a high school graduate

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congrats...now go to college :cool:


I would absolutely agree..............................BUT, if ya can't go or

don't want to go, then somehow continue to learn....Trade School, or

(gulp) the military...Really, the more you can educate yourself the better off you will be in your future....................Again, way to go with your


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Kids at your school can afford a Ford GT?

kids at one high school around here all have nicer cars than the teachers...:rollseyes: mercedes/hummers/BMW's/lexus/porsche...


all I have to show for it is a sweet job at the video store.

all i picture is randall (clerks)

"You'd feel a Hell of a lot better if you'd just rip into the occasional customer."



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Congrats! good job. Most people think that graduating from high school is pase but its not, it's an accomplishment and it set's the stage for future successes. Having been a Career Counselor for like 19 years, hopefully, I can offer some of my expertise, besides collecting cars, I also enjoy helping people because that's where it's at for me.


Now that you graduated from high school, you are probably wondering what's next????? well again congratulations because you are now writing another chapter in your journey. Everyone will have their opinions and will differ due to their socio-economic status, life's experiences and most important that gnawing thought of "I should of and could of".


First and foremost, figure out what you will be good at and what your interest are. Don't fret about the cost, where and how and when...this is where people get frustrated since information is too much for us to handle..It's like trying to drink out of a fire hose, get it it - TMI. As the old adage says, " the beginning of a thousand mile journey starts with the first step", baby steps....





You can take a career inventory and most are free on line or at a local community college. This is the first step of self discovery...since this will align you to either go vocational, 2 year college or 4 year college, maybe just even a certification.




You will need to do some research as far as future growth or income potential for a particular career. Typically you can go on line (salary.com or Dictionary of Occupational titles or terminologies).





You will supplement your education by working PT or FT, unless of course you have a rich uncle or grandfather that gave you a big fat check..unfortunately, most of us have to work the system - meaning PT work and financial aid.




If you do sign up at a local community college or Univeristy, have a lot of questions for the counselor and use them as much as you can, they get paid for offering and giving you "sound" advised.





Have faith that everything will be okay since you have thought about it and you are committed to a solid plan and eventually you will get there, wherever that may be. Look at this journey as a fun one and filled with interesting people to meet and new things to learn, not only about yourself but the education you get.


Other than that good luck and take your time to seriously think about where you want to go...do listen to people but also be careful because some will say they know but they actually only heard, be careful about people who are bitter about education because, unfortunately, their experience was negative and it does not need to be so. And even if you decide on a wrong major, it's okay, too, since most people will not pursue a career that they majored in, since most are not sure until they try it....

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congrats...I went into the navy right outta high school, now (8years later) Im in college to get my ASE Master Tech, and Its not costing me a dime!....figure out what you want to do and don't let anybody tell you that your a fool for doing what ever it is you want to do.

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i want to become a 5-0

going to go to a community college that has the best police academy around

so be ready to be harrased, (or write off your tickets)


There ya go my friend, the Criminal Justice System has been good for many of your friends here on the forum. I applaud and salute your thoughts.. Now go out there and begin working on your "PT" (Physical Trainining: weight training, cardio vascular training, etc.), cause you will need to be in the best physical shape of your young life to succeed in this pursuit.....go get em

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Thats great dude!!! out of me and my siblings only 50% of us graduated. I graduated back in 99 wow seems like yesterday.... I think its awesome you have a plan, I never did... haha


Good luck and keep us posted :D

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I agree with everyone on getting an Education:) It get's harder and harder every year when everyone is competing for the same job! These days with the uncertain Economy, you need to invest in yourself as far as college, trade school or service! Everyone used to tell me "Dont let your future decide you, You decide your future"! way back in 1985/86 when I left school!And they were so right!!! Now that my Oldest is 18 yrs. old I tell her and all my children to invest in themselves!! Good luck Moisabamf:)! And we here at Ratsun Support you!!

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