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what all needs to be done for a 240sx conversion?

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Come on guys!


For what its worth, how much do you love your 620? Is it your only driver? Are you motivated, have money, and then a ton more money for all the parts and shit you need? If you have the motivation, time, patience, money, time, and even more money, along with another daily driver, and more money and time. Then do it. Having a dream to build a badass 620 and actually doing it, are two different things. A lot of people are dreamers and not do-ers.


Sounds like you love your truck, and would also like the enjoyment of the power, speed the 240sx has. Can you afford to just go and buy a 240sx? If you have to pick between the two, think about it a bit. The truck is cool, people recognize you. You can haul stuff in it. the 240sx can fit more whores, has creature comforts, more power and fuel efficiant.


Shit, I just about talked myself into selling my datsuns and getting a 240sx...

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You could remove the sross member from a 240sx and weld it in the back of the 620... you could with a lot of work. The 620 has a pretty stout rear end in it already so really I would save myself the grief. Same with the front end.... too complicated and involved for just a truck. A 620 will handle pretty good when lowered properly and has a good set of tires.



I would start by getting a disc brake kit this year and get it working. Some zx calipers and a 15/16" master. Get it sorted so you can stop this buggy. Get some tires for it, rims optional. At the same time keep your eyes open for a KA24E or DE motor and 5 speed with the intent of swapping it in next year..


Next year.... your truck is handling good and can stop even better and all it lacks is ..... power. You have a KA lined up and waiting and you have.....


Sourced a high pressure fuel pump for the KA's EFI

Found a place to shorten and balance your driveshaft.

Found a larger, perhaps 3 core L20B rad, maybe with electric fans.

Sorted out the motor mounts needed for fitting a KA (think 720 Z24)

Sorted out the transmission mount needed for the 71-C 5 speed.

Addressed the problem, or at least be aware of the problem of getting the KA exhaust past the torsion bars.

A KA from a car will need a custom oil pan and pick up

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