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  1. i hear ya man... i would do this if i had the resources and knowledge... i try to do as much work on the truck on my own but this is over my head. if you guys are willing and capable to help me out maybe we could work something out since we aren't that far apart?
  2. Haha thats funny, must be nice having a helping hand. But anyways, danggg thats too bad... i need help :frantics: i dont wanna pay some body shop to do it b/c itll be a steep price to pay! and besides the fact that they cant rip it out of the parts truck for me..
  3. i guess so? you tell me haha, i dont know what to call it. front end core support sounds right. you got a parts truck in silverdale?
  4. ok cool sounds easy enough. problem is that I don't weld or have any welding buddies :( I need to be able to yank the part from another truck, or buy it from someone than have it put on my truck..
  5. Dont know the exact name to call this metal bit. attached an image of the part i need. would like to drive (within wa, maybe into idaho, or oregon....) to pick it up. i check my email regularly, that would be better than communicating through this forum, but i will reply here also... Location: Edmonds, Wa Email:tyler_schaul@yahoo.com Interested in local offers only, cant afford pricy shipping.. Thanks, tyler
  6. yeup we live pretty close to eachother, i live in edmonds. ive got a shop that will charge me out the ass to do this conversion. know any local datsun gurus willing to help me out for pizza/beer? p.s. is your name bill??? some guy gave me a number to someone who lived in marysville that was heavily into Datsuns.
  7. forsure, i gotta have this all figured out before i get the motor and that stuff. gonna boost the motor :devil: and eric, i read on another post that its not easily done getting coils on this truck... but yeah ill make a build thread lol.. any you guys WA local by chance???
  8. while reading the motor mount link, it mentions using certain transmissions because they are easier to bolt on than the KA tranny. should i just stick with the KA tranny im being given?
  9. im about to buy my buddies dual cam engine, tranny, and ecu after he swaps his 240sx with an Rb20. what are all of the parts that ill need to buy besides what my buddy is giving me. for example i know im gonna need some engine mounts, but what else is a must for this swap!?? im going into this with no experience and can use all of the advice from the pros!!!! Thanks P.S. are coilover conversions possible with my truck??? ive been told it isnt really worth doing because of difficulty.
  10. looking to meet some other NW local datsun enthusiasts at this event. i am looking to start an engine swap for my 620 and need guidance!!!! if your going to nissanfest and your a professianal mechanic with extra time and looking for cash, message me! lets meetup at the event and talk ratsun.
  11. i have a 620 pick up that i want to swap with a ka24de, got the cash to get this project going. just looking for someone to pay to do it!!! gonna be at nissanfest this sunday (april 21st). my goal is to find other datsun enthusiats to get to know! feel free to msg me if your gonna be there also!
  12. got in a small fender bender in my truck and need matching front fenders and the right grill to go with them. let me know if you got it. prefer local pickup, but will consider shipping. thanks edmonds, wa, 98026
  13. need front fenders and grill for 72 620. help me out??? i am local to your area also so i can pick up. thanks
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