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  1. crackerjack69

    The Vinyl Solution

    Yeah, not gonna do anything copywritten :/ I'm still alive. Been really hard to get online lately. The solar panel blew over during a fierce wind storm last night, but luckily didn't break. Made a solid frame for it this morning. Had to bury one of our calves, he got bad abscesses on his jaw. I drained them, but he couldn't beat the infection. That's less meat for this winter :( Waiting on some software to be delivered, and I'll have the cutter up and runnin again, sorry for lack of presence lately.
  2. crackerjack69

    The Vinyl Solution

    I'm back in town for a bit finishing up some orders, and fundraising to save my 510 wagon. Hit me up if you need some decals :D
  3. crackerjack69

    Ratsun Leather Bic Lighter Cases

    Oh, these are gonna turn out really cool! I may have to snag one once the FS thread starts.
  4. crackerjack69

    Thinking of hosting a BBQ at my shop in Grand Coulee, WA

    I'm 60 miles North of Omak. I may be able to make it. I'd just have to hustle about $40 gas money round trip. I can bring stickers :D
  5. crackerjack69

    The Vinyl Solution

    Gotta get Dat SUN!!!! :D gonna have this all sorted soon and will be cutting my vinyl in the middle of the woods :D
  6. crackerjack69

    Thinking of hosting a BBQ at my shop in Grand Coulee, WA

    I live up by there now. I'm by Beaver Lake between Wauconda and Cheesaw. I hit up Tonasket and Omak pretty often for supplies. I saw an orange 510 in Tonasket the other day, was stoked!!! I would wanna cruise down from the above mentioned areas once my goon is rollin. I could bring some of my secret recipe buffalo stuffed burgers to grill, and some homebrewed apple cider :D
  7. crackerjack69

    The Vinyl Solution

    Our dog humps Canadian fishermen on the dock. Only Canadian ones. I don't know how he knows, but he always knows.
  8. crackerjack69

    The Vinyl Solution

    My apologies folks, I'm farmsteading up by Canada off the grid, and haven't had any internet access. I'm still working on setting up the solar panel array and after that I will be able to continue taking vinyl orders, despite being in the middle of nowhere :D
  9. crackerjack69

    Red Door Meet

    I might come down this Sunday.
  10. crackerjack69

    Red Door Meet

    Typo I think.
  11. crackerjack69

    Cam Sprocket Gear removal

    Good luck! remember, it's not the chain coming off the bottom gear you need to worry about. The chain tensioner is like midway up the timing cover. Make sure it's wedged in place or the tensioner will fall into the oil pan, and you'll be practicing your collection of cuss words :D
  12. crackerjack69

    Cam Sprocket Gear removal

    Hainz (Bonsai510) put up some excellent videos regarding this repair. I can't remember the link, but the search function may pull it up. I would recommend watching his videos, they should clear up any questions you have. Anyone got the link handy?
  13. crackerjack69

    Free Redbanner poll

    Fuckin Christ, is this Ratsun now? The fuck happened? Whining ass bitches droning on and on. Did a bunch of you wake up in a sandbox with a vagina? Get a fucking life, go work on or drive your Datsun, and post some fuckin pics. Valid threads in this section are being bumped down so people can posture and talk shit to each other on the internet like sissies. I propose a new section of the forum if it's not too much to ask: "Whine, Bitch, Bicker, and Cry Here" Then the rest of us who are here to talk Datsun can do so without wading through this garbage.
  14. crackerjack69

    The 68 Drag Queen

    Yet another beauty. This thing comin to Canby?
  15. crackerjack69

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Yeah, and a header, and he only wants $200! I'd be surprised if these aren't sold yet. Wish I had the cash. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pts/3890885465.html

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