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Bolt cutting


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coool, thank you. i didnt know you had a tech channel, i subscribed as well. is that where 'blue hands' come from (your gloves?) would that make me black hands?

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Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it. I hadn't thought of it as a tech channel when I started......I just thought it was a much faster way to share them compared to photobucket. I love photobucket for pics(7400+ on it), but it's super slow on video.


Yep....blue gloves = blue hands :) I didn't want to feel limited to just datsun stuff or even car stuff for that matter......so the name was generic enough to fit anything I do in the shop. A bit corny maybe, but I think I'll stick with it :)


I've got a ton of how to's up on Ratsun because I enjoy doing them. If you guys have suggestions for something specific you want to see, pm me. I'll see if it's something I've already done or maybe I can do it. There's a bunch I'd like to redo with updated video, but it all takes time. In fact, I need to go do the vid from today on the ball joint mod.

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No genius here!! :)


My dad showed me stuff too, but more than specific things, it was more the mindset of being able to do things yourself. He figured stuff out without the internet. Back then, it was either phone calls or face to face. I asked him one day how he knew how to do all the stuff he did....he said he didn't know how to do it....the trick was to make it LOOK like he knew what he was doing. The biggest thing I got from him was the confidence to just figure it out and do it yourself. We all just have different experience and skill sets. I can weld, but not cook because I've never had a desire to learn how to cook. Just like my wife has no desire to learn how to run the lathe. Had I spent the last 30+ years cooking or programming computers instead of fabricating and repairing stuff, I'd be making slightly different videos. lol The same way someone new to garage work will look at this simple vid and go "wow....so that's how you do that".....is the same way I look at the internet for solutions to Angry Bird levels and and think "dang....how the heck did they figure that out?". I wouldn't even be able to create the screen shot. :) I love learning, so I LOVE the internet!!! Anyway.....sorry....I can tend to ramble when I have extra time.

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Good info ..It is usually the simple things that trip up the new guy .. What seems so mundane to some that have worked on older cars / machinery for awhile ,,can sometimes cause the projects to become abandoned...


...I had always thought that your " blue hands " label was from having Prussian blue all over them. I guess you learn something everyday..


Anyways ...keep up the good work ,,,the internet is made better by it.. :)

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Mike, you know I love everything you do and this is no exception. There are other alternatives as well. I use this exclusively. Cheaper than a bench grinder and wire wheel (although I got those too) and it's the right tool. About $12 bucks each, I bought the 4 set which is essentially 32 different thread patterns. When I went through my apprenticeship, I was taught not to use a wire wheel because it can reduce or alter the thread pattern (affecting torque and strength) and can remove coatings. But you know we all do it.


Happy holidays!



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Thanks. :)


You're absolutely right!  That all-thread was being used on the frame jig so it didn't matter, but you make a great point for anyone doing this on something important.  I think it's okay if not taken to excess, but a guy could easily get carried away with a course wheel and stout grinder.   I used to have a thread chaser like that....haven't seen it in years....might be with my files?  I'll see if I can find it :)


Happy Holidays to you too!! :)

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Yep....there's a lot of better ways to do this, but I tend to go with the simple way aimed more at beginners if I can.  A guy with the experience and skill to know the best way to do this isn't going to be watching it anyway........at least I wouldn't think so.  lol  :)

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You can get 2, 3, and 4 inch wire wheels with a 1/4 shank you can chuck in a drill, and clean up bolts some.


Wheel in a drill.



The drill and wheel can get places the bench grinder, or a thread file will not.






I also have an American thread file, and a fairly good selection of taps and dies.  Since I an doing a lot of work on the body of a 521, I have three tap handles sitting on a shelf, with a #10-32, a 1/4-28, and a 5/16-24 in them.


All different tools to do the same job, all come in handy.

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