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  1. on velocity next wednesday
  2. Don't forget David Irwins headlight and parking light relay harnesses. Plug and play. It will save the fuse block and combo switch.
  3. I filled the stud with nuts to take up the space. It's not perfect, but seems to work ok.
  4. This is a late 5 spd trans. This is what you can do to make a short throw shifter. The late 5 spd can let you make it a short throw shifter by drilling the upper hole and extending the bottom of the shift lever. The difference between the 4 and 5 spd trans is the pivot point. The 4 spd is about 5/16" longer than the 5 spd.
  5. darrel

    L28 rebuild!

    F54 blocks with the p90 had dished pistons for the turbo applications. F54 blocks with flat top pistons had the p79 head for non turbo applications.
  6. just for shits n giggles. Are there two copper washers at the banjo fitting to the oil feed?
  7. T-Top locks maybe? I have a set but they don't look like that. What does the other side look like?
  8. I have seen a nut and bolt used.
  9. '78 and '79 620 gas tanks are different. I had to replace the one in a '78 I had and picked one out of a '79. Both were king cabs. I'm not sure of the differences as I had someone else do the work. They had a '78 620 and took the tank out of that. So I do have a '79 kc tank with a repaired dent available.
  10. David Irwin rebuilds them, he is also the same one who makes the Parking light harness relays and headlight harness relays. If you haven't already bought a set of them, contact Dave and he can set you up.
  11. I have not done this, but msa has a kit for the power windows. Make sure your window regulators are in top shape and well lubricated. I am sure there are other manufacturers. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08h01/50-4211 Looks like it's a Spal kit.
  12. After bleeding, then you need to adjust the brakes. All drum brakes and they don't have self adjusters.
  13. is it a stock carb? There is a hose that goes to the intake. tough to get to without taking various parts off.
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