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520 Build update


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Spot welds are intact. Although Pininfarina did not design the 520, as they did the 410 sedan, my thought was that if the spot welds were approved by the designer, I should not take the liberty to "improve" on the look of the truck.


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The welds on my bed where the floor of the bed tacks to the side panels are very pronounced. Perhaps from stuff in the bed sliding around and pushing out above them, perhaps just from the factory. It appears in your pics as though you bondo'd over those. I think I would do the same there, but leave them in the tailgate and under the back window where they are less ugly. I am profoundly jealous of your progress.



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The project has been a series of ups and downs. The body shop I use is excellent, both in communication and technical skill. I am trying to keep the truck as original as possible, sourcing as many parts from Nissan as possible. (Today I just received a NOS alternator belt, saving me from having to go aftermarket.) The motor contains some BMC/Metro/MGA B-Series and Nissan Forklift parts, since some of the Nissan J Series parts are NLA.


I am trying to decide what to do about the safety/seat belts. I am considering a 3-point retractable arrangement, rather than lap only. This may be one area I deviate from originality.


I have been able to find some parts thru this forum; most members are interested in helping me by selling some parts.


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I am not as concerned with exact originality, as long as I don't cut into anything that can't be changed back to original easily. Seat belts are one of my main concerns as well. I drive a Honda Element that is a company vehicle, and I was considering finding a junked one to steal the seats out of as they have an integrated shoulder belt. There are other vehicles now as well that have integrated belts that would be good to explore as well. This route however changes the look of an original interior quite a lot, and I am not sure I am ready for that. But I think about hitting my face on that steering wheel with only a lap belt, and once my kids are out of car seats, I will want them to have shoulder belts as well. But I am a ways off from that for now, so I can mull it over for a while. I will be interested to see what you come up with.

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Yes your the shizell. Thats what i need to do. Did you just overlap the bottom?

Where did you get rubber?


That is one piece of rubber that I cut a round hole in, then mounted it, then I pushed the column threw the hole that was slightly smaller than the column shaft, BTW that is a 720 column shaft.

I got the rubber pieces at parkrose hardware, they were remnants from larger pieces, mostly round circle pieces.

The metal ring holding the rubber is a stock metal piece on the 520.

Maybe the rubber was an eighth inch thick.

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Plus this:



Equals this:


51" x 34"x 1/4" foam, off-white, perforated material

Foil backed, closed cell foam as insulator material

3M 90 spray (used entire aerosol can)


Cardboard template for foam material

Paper template for closed cell foam material

6 months to gather materials, knowledge, and confidence

2 hours time to complete - ambient temperature 80 degrees F

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