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  1. highdesertdatsun

    J13 electronic ignition conversion questions

    good ? the A housing works better with advance placement. a E housing may work aswell
  2. highdesertdatsun

    Nikki my new lady

    im ready for stage two engine upgrade . finished the matchbox install . taking her to a car show on saturday. under construction . i will post how the reground cam, cannon intake, weber & tri milll header install and perform .
  3. highdesertdatsun


    one peice window thread with alot of good parts info . for fucs sake
  4. highdesertdatsun

    J13 electronic ignition conversion questions

    another option I just completed . I switched a matchbox L series shaft into a A series match box housing . then installd the J series gear . used the J series timming plate and it works great. bought a new vac advance from napa. hard part was finding a good advance plate. it really woke up this engine . now no secondary bog. Didnt even install extended tip plugs and increase gap yet. also the advance plate notch had to be widened . I used a die grinder bit. otherwize a "bolt in "
  5. highdesertdatsun

    66' 520 build

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/120757790791?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_2154wt_900 this would be a great addtion if it will work . I got some specs from DUI and they seemed corect. this distributor would allow endless mechanical timming adjustments as many diferent springs and weight kits are available. I am going with the redone matchbox for now due to lack of funds. It would look good on your truck! great build. I had my J1300 cam reground by Oregon Cam Grinders. 360-256-7985 they are fast and affordable 91.0 buck shipped to Arizona. they can regrind any cam. they put a split patern on mine. One more bit I found was head mill specs. mg guys mill 100 even 120 off head then make rockshaft shims. i took only 80k off mine and had a CNC friend make shims. Cool truck!
  6. XXL the intake & header listed I purchased from ebay . the header was from JT . they are listed as a mg or mgb or austin performance parts.My header may need a slight adjustment at fuel pump. i may put header wrap on it aswell. I like cool fuel .
  7. completed today . installed standard modern type seal into front cover by grinding away the outer lip that retains the felt seal. leaving the inner welded on flange. this must be done slowly so not to take off to much material. order a seal # 1213n timken or cross it . i tried to find one with rubberized coating but failed . i also put a very small bead of grey silicone around inner flange to seal againts the new seal . a friend has done this with sucess on a daily driver. mine came out well have yet to install.
  9. tri mill header part#4576 avail from JT outfitters Danbury North Carolina it apears to have ample clearance of fuel pump and torsion bar. $133.00
  10. highdesertdatsun


    i have done alot since last posted . oics are a pain . thought i needed a dizzy or atleast would need to rebuild advance portion but upon disasmbly found electronic igniton install was the fault . the screws where to long and kept advance plate from turning . so thats fixxxed. the carb was replaced with a stock 200sx carb from L20 auto. runs much better but need a little tunning . the carpet is done and I found as 5 spd at u pick it. so its comming along. thanks or the interest. ill try to post some pics .
  11. highdesertdatsun

    Rear brake options 521

    I bought new 620 drums for my 520 at Autozone. They had new spring kits Too. No adjusters though but you can clean them up good and lube with brake grease Not too much and readjust every week like DanielC described for 10k . My brakes Don't work bad . I need to readjust now. It sucks with lowering blocks ha ha.
  12. highdesertdatsun

    70 521 "lina bear"

    Nice truck and Ladie. Your a lucky man. My wife won't do that stuff. But she is still awesome. Paint it Green! Oh shit I missed that part. Dam she's a keeper. Well Maybe
  13. highdesertdatsun

    Package tray redux

    Nice . I expected you to sand and finish. I dig what you did . I would have never thought of that.
  14. highdesertdatsun

    Cleaning up column

  15. highdesertdatsun

    My first D620

    Um this website. I like it a lot. The truck and this website. I think there's a 620 parts thread and classified That truck is great. I think it needs a name ! Moar low

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