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My Truck after wheels and upholestry shop


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Bitchen, I like nice clean interiors. keep upp the good work.

Man, I was just thinking, ( ya I know dangerous) the NW is becoming the meca for the Datsun old school wave...Lots of peolpe want to hop on that train but we got the rides and the numbers up here. And I say high five to all that take the time to restore and collect these cool old rides....

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Thanks to pliggity for the wheels, just got it back from upholestry shop





I'm lovin the slots. Call me old skool, but slots are age-less. What size are they? That's going to look sick w/ a drop.



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nice going, worn out seats really bring a ride down. how much did the door panels and seat set you back? thanks for taking the time to spiff up your 521. may i suggest you put the trans tunnel cover on top of the rug. gives it a cleaner look. keep up the good work.:)

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The seat, door panels, carpet and had the visors recovered only set me back 350.00, going to drop in 2-3 inches around. I really need some rear bumper ets, if any body got some bumperette brackets I could use as a pattern to have my dad reproduce them it would really help out. Brian

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So, heres the story on those slots. I picked up this little 73 620 down the road from my house here in Olalla, WA. Used some parts from it an took the rims (your slots) off of it. I then scrapped the truck. I had the slots sitting around for a while and then polished them up and put the tires on I got from craigslist. I then put them on my 76 K.C. 620 for a while and decided I did not like them and took them off and put them up for sale on Craigslist. My neighbor bot them and put them on his 72 521. He then sold the truck to Pliggitty who in turn took them off and bot the rims off of Rays 521 that I ALMOST BOT. So then I guess he sold them to you. I needed to share that story with you. Looks good. I actually like the stocker dogdishes my self. :D



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