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Another significant museum find


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So My daughter tells Me about a 620 that surfaced for sale....... which is the LAST thing I need to purchase. Yes, it is a 1974 which I might be able to "turn" for somebody in Cali wanting a non smog truck. So I drive by to look at it and take these pictures. Nothing special, a nice truck to start a project with. I email these pictures to a guy in San Bernardino that is looking for a truck to start with. I somewhat forget about and yesterday driving to run some errands with NevTony, I ask if He wants to see the truck. "Sure". We pull up and the owner is in the front yard so I am committed to look at it closer. Might as well see the engine. I comment on the large air tank in the bed and ask if it was at one time a service truck. "That's not an airtank" He says. He pops the hood and an hour later I DRIVE it to My barn!!! Why????? Some of You might catch what I at first didn't, but this will now be the truck I will be bringing to JCCS. Truly an incredible find!!!!!










Stay tuned for the photos showing why I bought it. This is truly a very rare truck that has survived complete. Those of You that see it at JCCS will be blown away. Tony and I were!!!!

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Man You guys are sharp!!! Yes, propane. As installed either right after it arrived or very early after. I have never before see a propane setup and it is all COMPLETE!!! Starts right up and hopefully after detailing, it will be impressive at the shows. I know nothing about a propane powered vehicle so this will be a different "restoration". I plan to clean it as nicely as possable and not repaint. Yes, the bumper will go away and possibly bumperettes added. Stock hubcaps will round it out and when I determine that it is a safe system to drive occasionally, I might have the AC charged for "Sunday" drives.

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I don't ever remember any threads on here (or on NWDE) about propane Datsuns. Do any of You guys have any photos whatsoever? It did come with replacement parts and such. I didn't have time to see what all He gave Me. He told Me one story about it being an ex Navy truck at Pt. Magu, however the stock service coupon book and plastic card came with it and it appears that it was all this time a one owner vehicle. If You don't count the person that I got it from, who bought it just to turn, then I am the SECOND owner!!! I am away from home now but when I get a chance this weekend, I will photograph closely the engine components and such. Should We just start a propane 620 thread on here?

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Propane parts are generic, not Datsun-specific.

That is not a stock setup. In Japan they had factory 620 setup but for J15 engine.


IMPCO convertor is used by many in USA. Here's a Datsun propane thread. It focus not on the 620 but you can see the different parts that are available and different techniques: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Propane

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I started yesterday detailing the propane 620. It looks like a pretty basic conversion. I did get another diapharam with the truck in a rebuilding kit. I haven't opened it yet but there is paperwork describing how to rebuild it with the address of the day. Here are the pics I promised of the engine compartment.







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Here are a few more views. The system is mounted on a stock Hatachi carburetor!!! How in the world does that work? ! ? ! ? ? ?





The stock heater hose goes to the device closest to the engine. This must warm up the propane first. Interesting. It looks like whoever installed it only had about a 3 or 4 hour job to do!!!! I wonder why We haven't seen more of these???




I intend to keep it all original to show for years to how these units were sold.

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looking at the top of the air cleaner it says Natural Gas and from little I know both Natural Gas and Propane setups look very simular so I would suggest find a local shop that does Natural Gas and Propane conversions and have them check it out and confirm that it is a Propane setup.

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Well, Google shows Impco still in business. Also, there are over 300 NEW Impco products on Ebay right now. A call tomorrow should clear up a lot of things. Still though, I am suprized that We have never seen another 620 on here with this setup before. I am blown away that I am the second owner of this truck, much less everything has stayed COMPLETE all these years!!! By the way........ I failed to mention that the stereo is an 8 TRACK!!!!!!!!! The stock, almost mint floormats were under the carpeting and the stock seat is about 90% mint!!!

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many propane (or LPG propane/butane) conversions use a mixer that goes over the top of the carburetor. Then you can dual-fuel it.


like so:



Do you really need "spares"? IMPCO systems are very reliable. I would get some advice from propane experts (rather than the company that sells parts).

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It is a neat find! However propane is a pretty easy conversion, been around a long time and are pretty reliable. They don't have the power that gasoline does, but can be more efficient and cheaper to run. We have finally phased out all of the propane converted school buses here at work. They all had the mixer system on top of the carb....the hardest part with the school buses is getting the tanks in the federally approved safety cages properly when converting from gas. Sweet find.......pm me as I have tons of leftover lpg parts here that will never be used.

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was this a truck from the boeing factory?


propanes okay, but you definitely be down on power..


it kinda like e85... takes like 20-30% more to make the same power as gas...


so really you loosing 20-30% power with it..


if the propane is cheap in your area, go for it, but the shits almost as spendy as gas in most cases.

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