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  1. A friend of mine in Salt Lake picked it up and I'm helping with the transfer. It is great having it nearby again. I'm sure he'll start his own thread for it.
  2. After nearly 4 years in Southern California the Hilux is headed back to Utah!
  3. Been driving and enjoying my 620. I've got plans to freshen up the motor so the truck gets out of its own way but that's a few weeks out. Loaded up the wheels for my goon and headed for the tire swap. Love having a truck! Before I swapped out the tires on the 510 rims, I mocked up what slots would look like for giggles. I've been picking away at the 'old man touch up' by scrubbing the rattle can off with a Scotchbrite pad and lacquer thinner. It's working well and the truck is becoming fewer shades of green. The front fenders were quite rough and I had a good idea of what I'd find under there. Time for a little metal finishing.
  4. Love you cars (and truck)! I think its great that you took a road a lot less travelled.
  5. Thanks for knowing my thread better than I do datsunfreak. You've helped me on numerous occasions. :thumbup:
  6. Loren, they're actually Riverside 106s. More rare than Advans perhaps? A give away is the round bolt holes vs the square with A3As. I was not looking for new wheels. I like the slots but then this staggered set of Riversides came up and I had to jump on them. 14x7 and 8 +0s. I could use my same 155/55 and 165/55 tires so I decided to go for it. Of course I had to take them to the tire place in my 620. Got the wheels back home and slapped them on the goon. I was thinking I'd need more fender but I don't. The tire stretch fills out the fenders well. I still have my original 510 struts up front and with the camber from the front air bags, they fit perfectly! I purposely wanted staggered wheels to make up for the wider front track of the 510. Yes, I am a bit of a stance guy but I've made no secret that I see this wagon as art and this is my creativity outlet. In fact, believe it or not, I've still got some space back there so I'm going to have Joel make me a pair of his famous lowering blocks and level the back down another 1/2" to level the car out. And yes, here's the full shot of the car, Ratsun before Instagram ;)
  7. I thought someone might get a laugh out of that.
  8. Thank you Mantis. Maybe we need to ask the 620 gurus: how many different settups came stock? Were there different spring rates for different models? I was curious about it as well. I thought about going down to just my main leaf and use air shocks for spring rate but I wasn't quite sure about axle wrap -not that I have any horsepower to speak of.
  9. I think you're right Steve. What was that, 4 years ago? I kept thinking of yours when I did mine this time.
  10. I tried a couple different concoctions, ATF and acetone was one, for some 2 piece rims I wanted to separate awhile back. The PB was handy this time and did the trick. I'll probably go the Kroil route when my can runs out.
  11. Thanks guys! How about 4"? :thumbup: I finally got some time this weekend. The weather was gorgeous (60 degrees in February in Utah) so I finally got some quality time with the pickup. The rust was busted with a little bit of PB Blaster and everything came right apart. A quick wire brush and some black paint cleaned things up quick. It's been awhile since I put blocks on a mini truck and it's good to be back at it. 3" blocks with one leaf removed, torsions and trimmed bumpstops up front. Rides pretty good. I'm sure this won't be the last time I mess with the suspension but it sure beats the stock height. Hubcaps and whitewalls are staying. Rims will be painted black or a darker color soon.
  12. That's my plan Banzai! Future plans call for widened steelies with hubcaps. I love the look and I know how much you like the slammed stock look too.
  13. I haven't found the time to work on my truck but I am driving it and using it for my business. I love this thing more every time I drive it. With the weather warming up and my bathroom remodel project coming to an end, I see quality time with my cars in the near future. Till then, here are some 'action shots'. :lol:
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