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Are you a horsepower freak?

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Very nice cars, but I disagree...it isn't just about how much power the turbocharger can make, that is ricerboy speak. The reality is that even with unlimited forced induction, power always has limits, and the turbo is rarely the limiting factor...the motor internals determine the amount of forced induction, and no matter how well you "tune" a computer, a stock Kia 1.5l engine will never be able to take 100PSI.


P.S. BMW's are still overpriced, and some of their engineering designs had to have been drawn by a crayon-wielding retarded chimpanzee.

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Nice video. Couple modifications to his scale though:


300 horse = Nice sunday drive.

400 horse = Late for a date fun.

500 horse = Looking for unwanted attention enjoyment.

800 horse = Jail time.

1000 horse = Beat to death with night sticks.


This an 'on the street' scale. Track scale is more like what he was saying.

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