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hoy.. not my car but very dangerous

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Stock motor made 150 hp according to wikipedia, hotter versions made up to 200 in the skylark special something or other. Apparently there are block porousity issues that cause leakage. Neat motor, but probably high maintenance for not much more power than a built L or an SR.

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The aluminum block weighs less than the 4 cylinder engine? I'm sure it does but so does a 350 cast iron block. This is a misleading statement that the Olds motor is lighter and it most certainly is NOT. The L16 complete engine weighs about 260 pounds. The 215 motor is just over 300 pounds. True, it is a very light motor and 50 extra pounds isn't going to ruin the handling.


Neat motor, but probably high maintenance for not much more power than a built L or an SR.


...but not the V8 sound!!!!

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GM never did fix all the problems they had with these motors, they finally gave up and eventually sold the rights to Rover in England. Rover fixed the problems, and GM realizing their mistake, wanted to buy it back, but Rover said no. The motor only recently went out of production over there.


Given the fact that there are a few Nissan 4's that can put out the same HP as these V-8's with a little work, I don't see why anyone would ever install one.

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My old 510 had a 63 Olds version of this 215 CI engine with a world class T5 5 speed. Had an offenhauser intake and a Holley 390cfm 4 barrel carb. Custom headers, a 2" dual exhaust system with flow-masters. The engine was rated at 180HP stock and mine probably made 200 HP. It was a torquey engine but the modern engine swaps of today, blow away this 50+ year old technology. My screen name/handle is because of this car. It was qwik but not fast. I build my LS1 powered Z car and then sold the V8 Dime. I enjoyed the car back then but I would not build one like it again.


Here is a link to my old car domain page for this car.






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Just add a turbo. Turbo's make all things better!


The 63 olds version actually came with a supercharger as an option. It was the first production V8 engine that produced one HP per cubic inch. Not saying much at only 215HP but........



SR20DET is a much better swap in my opinion if you want crazy HP in a 510. VG is sweet if you want torque.


Skip the V8 in a dime. If you want a V8 Datun, get a Z car.

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i owned that car for a minute... when i had it, it was haggard. no engine or trans some one cut the front crossmember and never welded it back in. had some rust and dings and dents and salvaged title. in typical fashion the wiring looked like spaghetti. got overwhelmed and had no money so i let it go to that guy. oh well... :crying:

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