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Found another Datsun that I couldnt pass up. But im not going to start a build thread quite yet. I'll just bring it to Canby. But if there is a chance I cant go, I'll post pics and the story behind the purchase. Only problem is, to get this one, I have to sell one of my other two.


Heres a small teaser pic.




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Here is the last picture you'll see until Canby or build thread.


Went and cleaned it out today and found alot more work. Electrical nightmare. Might be looking for a in-cab wire harness.



1973 Datsun 620





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Your find totally excites Me!! I have said all along that there are vintage trucks out there just waiting to be found. Chop Derek has recently ran across 3 and now this one. Very cool. Trucks from My era blow Me away when they are found. By the rear view alone, it takes Me back in time. 2 1/4 inch exhaust, Imiginary Glass mudflap flares, air shocks, turbo muffler, Lakewood traction bars and wide tires. Another survivior!! Are You going to leave it vintage? Does it have a camper shell? Congratulations on Your find!!


OK guys, they are out there somewhere. Start knocking on doors!!! :D

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Beware newbie question below (sorry for the thread jack, i did google but didn't find anything that would have meant anything to me)

what is the difference between a regular 620 and a li'l Hustler 620?:P maybe if more pics were posted I would not have to ask such a newb question:P

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Doesnt have a camper shell. Would of been awesome if it did. Going to leave it as vintage as possible. Tires are pretty weathered and I think it has been in a fender bender in the last thirty years. But its in great shape. Some rust holes, floors are solid. Just got to fix wiring. For some reason they removed all the fuses. Hopefully I can get it running before Canby. I'll be trailering it up there then drive to the fair grounds. Not trusting the tires since weathered and old bias ply's


zchopper, No differences between 620 and Lil Hustler. Its just what they called them in the day




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