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  1. Javin

    PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

    Man that is still a badass truck. I need more fab skills!
  2. Javin

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    So who won it!?
  3. Javin

    3D printed Dome Light Lens for your 620

    I will take measurements later.
  4. Javin

    3D printed Dome Light Lens for your 620

    I will see if my truck still has one later today.
  5. Javin

    Javin's 78 Datsun Pickup

    I spent most of last week looking for my damn 1978 pickup Factory Service Manual. It wasn't until after I found the PDF version on my hard drive that I realized I left it with the mechanics I had working on the truck 6 years ago in California. Whatever, since I have the scanned copy, I can use that for torque specs and learning what all the damn hoses actually do while I troubleshoot the truck. Glad I didnt have to buy another one. Damn things are stupid expensive on ebay.
  6. Javin

    PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

    so, um, PCD, in your signature, southwestdatsunpickups.com is about 5 years not updated now...
  7. Javin

    510BendOr... Shit Box 620...

    I want your pushbar. Nice lookin truck.
  8. Javin

    This is my 620 From Bangkok Thailand

    Before today, the last update was from 2012. Guy probably deleted the images.
  9. I wont be camping or showing this year, but I hope to at least make it, maybe without the wife and kids this year... last year, I think we were there for all of 15 minutes. Just long enough to take a few oics and leave.
  10. Javin

    i just bought a 1973 datsun 620 pickup

    Since I am running a catalytic converter in my truck, maybe I will stick to something else?
  11. Javin

    i just bought a 1973 datsun 620 pickup

    You mention those two oils specifically, but aren't they both for diesel engines? Will that cause any issues?
  12. Javin

    Duh-Lux 77 Kingcab 620

    That is mildly entertaining. I also like that you have an oven in your bed, for the oven cleaner idea.
  13. Javin

    "Farmers 620"

    I thinking the same thing Draker. I feel like this needs to be a piece of artwork. Though, the finished product installed I am sure will be.
  14. Javin

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    AH, THIS is what I was reading before I got on a tangent at work and wondered what my own tire size was. I am running 225/45/18 according to miata I am going faster than I say by 1.8%
  15. I have a king cab, I always intended to put things in the kick panels and then have stuff behind the seats. Should beat the crap out of the nothing that is in there now.

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