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  1. 1978 620 KC in Albany, OR $3500 Truck Pictures Parts
  2. Just listed my Tach. First time listing but it is all packed up. Hoping for similar results to your sale. I feel like ebay may be the best option for the smaller items that are duplicates I collected.
  3. To be perfectly honest, I never was much of a car guy. I liked looking at them and still do, but daily I just enjoy driving but not taking care of them. I never learned nor had much interest in learning how to wrench on them. Also, both marriage and kids happened. I do a MUCH better job taking care of my kids than the truck. They can tell me what is wrong, and I still take them to the experts when they have issues I can't handle... I still have a whole load of sorting to do and cleaning of my garage and will post pictures later. I think Hainz was right about the low price for quick sell, especially with a non-runner. Can't go that low and may just try to get it minimally functional for a better sale.
  4. It has been a few years since I was active on Ratsun and have fallen out of the Datsun scene for a while. I have finally decided to get rid of my truck and associated extra parts. Not sure how to value things or where to turn to. I am near Albany, Oregon. This isn't a for sale listing, more of a plea for help in pricing. Truck- 1978 620 King cab Delux The Bad: Non-running (likely needs fuel flush, and definitely needs a battery, last turned over a couple years ago with a spare battery and some starter fluid but wouldn't stay running on decade old gas) Parking break locked up (drivers side rear wont move) Has typical rust Sun roof needs to be reattached properly and sealed Heater core bypassed and removed (to rebuild) The Good: 5 speed Best looking dash I have ever seen (no cracks) Factory Tach 350z seats Nissan Titan Wheels RGB LED lit Gauges Ratsun Shifter knob more ratsun business cards than I can count and they are everywhere So many spare parts 2 heater cores a pair of extra OEM doors (with windows and such) an extra OEM hood an extra pair of (assumed) aftermarket fenders some suspension parts new in boxes Parts I am need help pricing outside the truck: Factory Tach (Pretty sure it worked on this truck so must be a 78/79 version) (ebay looked to have sold the last one for ~$350 with cracked plastic. This one has good plastic.) 2 Gauges with good plastics A Tan Gauge cluster insert with blank for the tach Let me know what you guys think. I have moved this thing down and up the west coast and owned since like 2002. I feel guilty for not wanting to work on it but have no drive to do so. I am not a car guy anymore and would rather just part ways and find something else to do with that garage bay than store crap on an old truck.
  5. I am not sure what year version I have. I think it is a 78/79... The one in my truck I KNOW is. Let me know what you are looking to spend. I am testing the waters to for selling.
  6. Man that is still a badass truck. I need more fab skills!
  7. I will see if my truck still has one later today.
  8. I spent most of last week looking for my damn 1978 pickup Factory Service Manual. It wasn't until after I found the PDF version on my hard drive that I realized I left it with the mechanics I had working on the truck 6 years ago in California. Whatever, since I have the scanned copy, I can use that for torque specs and learning what all the damn hoses actually do while I troubleshoot the truck. Glad I didnt have to buy another one. Damn things are stupid expensive on ebay.
  9. so, um, PCD, in your signature, southwestdatsunpickups.com is about 5 years not updated now...
  10. I want your pushbar. Nice lookin truck.
  11. Before today, the last update was from 2012. Guy probably deleted the images.
  12. I wont be camping or showing this year, but I hope to at least make it, maybe without the wife and kids this year... last year, I think we were there for all of 15 minutes. Just long enough to take a few oics and leave.
  13. Since I am running a catalytic converter in my truck, maybe I will stick to something else?
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