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  1. Ken_B

    Paper Datsun Models

  2. Took me a minute to notice, rhd. Very Cool! Thats a real nice lookin old truck.
  3. Ken_B

    WTB Matchbox dizzy

    I have one sitting on the shelf in my garage, pulled it from a junkyard truck, never have tested it to be 100% its tip top, make me an offer if your interested.
  4. Ken_B


    Yeah(when the cars not fucked up I run the pitman race), Im the pit crew, my brother in law and I run mini car, car 690. Its a Honderp :devil:
  5. Ken_B


    Nope no datto, was in our F350 tow rig. Currently datto-less
  6. Ken_B

    snatched up a clean original 720

    Looks good, my dad had an 86 720 kc that was white with the blue int, yeah VERY blue.
  7. Ken_B


    Ok, thats good to hear, thats a zoomed in pic, never got that close was busy keeping my own car running. Yeah they got a little over enthusiastic and rolled it in one of the races, dont think theres anything good left on it.
  8. Ken_B


    Saw this sweet looong bed in Poulsbo This 620 was at the D-derby last night in Kitsap, sad to see, was obviously somebodys baby at some point, had a shaved smooth tailgate, was de-hooked, frenched antenna, no rust in the seams and was real str8. What a waste.
  9. Ken_B

    SOLD! 1969 ka powered 521

    Badass truck! Bet she scoots pretty good!
  10. Ken_B

    Whats a mopar..?

  11. Ken_B

    New '68 ratsun 510 owner

    Fixed. Glad to see it back, one of my favorite 510's ever!
  12. Ken_B

    Re-re Ratty Starion

    Nice! Keep us posted! Is that an Omni I see in the background? Possibly a GLH?
  13. Ken_B

    Anyone like Abandoned buildings??

    See also just a few miles away, Fort Flagler, also open.
  14. Ken_B

    Anyone like Abandoned buildings??

    Still open to the public to climb all over and explore, love this place!
  15. Ken_B

    Almost ready for show time

    Thats a nice looking little truck, keep up the good work!

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