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Albino Smurf


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Seriously.....you are just a 1200 magnet aren't you

Good score man


Edit: oh, if you find a gas tank and still need a filler tube, I found some flex tube at Napa that worked quite well

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I have located fuel tank and would like to know what you found at NAPA that will work. That fuel filler hose on a 1200 coupe I haven't been able to find-my blue Smurf has one only because a local pick-n-pull had one on a well beat 73 coupe but, the filler tube was in great shape!

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I will look today and see if I can find the reciept. It is just your basic fuel filler flex hose and does not have the inner piece like the original, so the hose clamps had to be very tight...used WD40 to lube the clamp gear which helped to tighten a little.

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Here is pictures of the front and rear plates.





I think the one on the front is passable and could move it to the rear but the one on the rear now doesn't look that good and not looking for legal entanglements including not running front plate. Replace with dupicate or?? Keeping plate frame!

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The sun came out in Portland Oregon today and shot some photos of work done on the Albino Smurf


New floors welded in with good used seat brackets.



Tried to get stock A14 carb to run right but after years of sitting the main jets clogged and I went with Weber 32/32 that I had trade some B310 front suspension parts for. Bolted on the carb, had adapter and gaskets, put on new throttle cable, fired on third try set the throttle up and it run very nice -no misses or stutters.



Portable gas tank in the conner-need to repair spare tire well before putting in rust free gas tank. A good day to work outside!

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