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My dirty sunny


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Hey guys, trying to find a couple datsun forums to check out. Thought I would post up my daily I got from a friend awhile ago. A coworker of mine knows I love my Nissan 240sx and told me he has a datsun but it dosent run. I said no wai let me have it, and well he gave it to me haha.


Judging from all the rust he didnt take much care of it




It was two corroded wire that ran up to the battery, cleaned up the carb and bam!


Put some gas in it and BAM daily driver... Datsun > Subaruu


Took her on a non honda/acura cruise (which was funny, because in omaha theres nothing but hondas/acuras and they were putting on a cruise/meet and we crashed it which was a fun time) painted the steelies.ha


Dropped, took the body trim off, shined up the bumpers, took off the gay fog lights.



Got these guys from Texas American Japanese Racing steelies15x8 -63... 6 inch lips



175/50s mounted




Flares purchased




Alittle body worrk




Got them on. Mexi flush




Here is how she sits today










Let me know what you think guys!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Hey guys, trying to find a couple datsun forums to check out.

Let me know what you think guys!



What I think is..... You've found that forum you were looking for.


Gotta love free. Did you weld the back doors shut????


Bonus points for all the oics on the first post too.

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