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  1. 510kevin

    Jezabel's Dime

  2. 510kevin

    Jezabel's Dime

    i agree. maaco will do a good job if its stripped and sealed. make sure the prep work is done well.
  3. 510kevin

    Jezabel's Dime

    Wait and drive it without. I noticed zero difference on it without the sway bar...
  4. 510kevin

    Jezabel's Dime

    yeah, i should have stripped it in the first place. the bodywork i did was to get the shit cut out and rust taken care of. the goal was to tear down and finish everything up. lookin good guys. glad you are enjoying it!!! and, there should have been some stainless allen heads that heald the fenders on in the bucket.....
  5. 510kevin

    620 prerunner

    Ranger trailing arms up front, 4 link rear, king coilovers all around=done
  6. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    car is sold :bye:
  7. 510kevin

    14x7.5 ssr star sharks

    Waaaayyy better!!!!
  8. 510kevin

    everything must go!

  9. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    Whole car pending.....
  10. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    AAlso have: 510 trans crossmembers $20 each Half shafts, 1 good set $40, I set needs u joints $ 20 Grill and headlight surrounds, painted black, never scuffed though, good shape, polished under the paint, just need to strip them $75 Back seat, black, 1 rip on bottom, near floor $100 Speedhut gps speedo $200. Paid $350 Complete dash, good shape, pad has 2 cracks. $100 Tail lights, good shape, frames were painted black. $60 both. Front balance, needs bodywork finished with Vw duckbill lip. $75 Chrome steering box brace, just bought from 72nismo $55 shipped 2 trunk lids, 1 sucks, $20 1 has been blasted, light surface rust, needs bodywork $40 Rear control arms with brakes etc. $80 pair
  11. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    Show me the money. Not sure on shipping. Probably around $50? Paypal is railinhardbody213@hotmail.com. Will take money orders/ cashiers check also
  12. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    There should be pics in my build thread(I'm using my phone, sorry) I'll ship it for $10 extra
  13. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    In project datto, search for kevins 70 510. Would rather sell whole suspension, may part it after a few days.
  14. 510kevin

    everything must go!

    Due to some unfortunate events, I sadly have to get rid of my dime. Please, no comments unless you wish to buy something. Pm me for faster response. Will sell my 70 510 2 door for $2500. Car was torn apart for full restoration and is complete minus: Tires/wheels, front and rear window seals and a battery. Has a running ka24de swap. All t3 suspension. And fairly straight sheet metal. If there's no interest in the car as a whole, I will part it. Ka swap with trans, harness, ecu, driveline, canam box, header, and flipped crossmember. Basically plug n play 510 swap. $1100 for the whole swap. T3 suspension. T3 coilovers, front and rear, 280zx brakes, eibach springs, kyb adjustable inserts, t3 tension rods, rca's and strut bar. $1000 all. New windshield (300 miles) $150 Back glass $50 Personal steering wheel and adaptor $150 Doors, ok shape. $100 both Fenders. Inner lip was pie-cut and flattened, needs cleaned up.$80 pair Rear crossmember(x2) $100 each Stock sedan driveline $60 Steel braided lines for rear disc swap $25 Hood, ok shape, $80 Lots more parts, just ask, basically every piece of a 510. what it could look like in a weekend:
  15. 510kevin

    Black wheels

    Look like eagle alloy 101 or 102 I believe... Edit: eagle 101. Google em :D

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