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  1. deltapeco

    Seen the new Geico commercial yet?

    first time I saw it yelled out b210,the wife looked up but it was gone.
  2. deltapeco


    have 2 the mg and a white stang.
  3. deltapeco

    Loading pics so they are seen on my post.

    this page on ratsun somes it up. http://community.rat...e-photo-albums/
  4. deltapeco

    here is my 77 B210 coupe

    hey all winter is over and time to put the summer shoes on.Just got two of my rims back from being restored and are now perfect.here is a pic
  5. deltapeco


    saw a first generation honda civic (pucked a little in my mouth typing that) does that count?
  6. deltapeco

    Snowballs Chance 510- Rotisserie Resto Project

    nice.very nice.I want a garage so bad.
  7. deltapeco

    Rear Pop Out window seals

    find a 82 in a wreckers yard? the oldest cars in the wrecker here are like 95 the rest been turned into beer cans :(
  8. deltapeco

    Funny videos you have come across!!!!!!!!

    fuckin Optimus Prime cant pull this shit off.......love it
  9. deltapeco

    Funny videos you have come across!!!!!!!!

    the true story of Archie Veronica Betty Reggie and Jughead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djRAiiFlCy8
  10. deltapeco

    Full (pretty much) rebuild

    very nice,wish mine looked like that.mine has 98 000 milesd.Leaky valve cover gasket has left her a bit dirty.(fixed)
  11. deltapeco

    1977 b210 hatchack weight?

    If your looking for milage make sure it,s a 5 speed (B210).My B210 3 speed auto maxes out at about 25mpg highway, maybe 18 city.oh ya zero to sixty in 45 seconds,almost enough time to make toast.
  12. deltapeco

    Should I paint em yellow?

    well thanks for all the coments and pics,I made up my mind.No paint,rims is a I will go.The rest will be stock. thanks again.
  13. deltapeco

    Someone Save This 610!!!

    gene spicing has run amock
  14. deltapeco

    Should I paint em yellow?

    P S vote
  15. deltapeco

    Should I paint em yellow?

    actually I want to pant the drums to..my goal for this car is to totaly factory original.....painting the calipers and drums and rollin Libras is about as modified as I want to go

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