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Side marker sacrilege ?

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So, I really like the bullet style side marker lights 68-69 I believe. I don't really like the rectangle style. The replicas from Indonesia and tiwan are cheap and take forever to get right? And the real deal are WAY to expensive right?



So, would it be total sacrilege to use something off another modern car? Say BMW lights? These look like the similar style. I don't know just an idea. I may just shave mine completely, but I like the idea of having side markers for safety reasons.







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Don't they operate as running lights(sidemarkers) when the lights are on, and then blink with the blinkers?

Newer cars have headlights and tails that wrap around the sides so you can see the car from all angles. I don't like the idea of a car you can only see directly from the front or rear. And that is what you would have with shaved lights on a 510. I'd hate to get t-boned in a datto. :o

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Guest DatsuNoob

Cannot sleepz so I am haz 4 beerz for brekfusts. MMMM goooood I loLz. I say good choice on those side markers. Good morning BOB! His name is Robert.. Paulson. His name is Robert.. Paulson. His name is Robert.. Paulson. LOolLz Sry couldnt resist :D I am drink Ho-ray!

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If the BMW is anything like my VW, that is called a repeater light. Only lights up with the turnsignal/hazards. On the VW they actually put a decent amount of light on the ground, which makes me feel safer knowing that people will see me more clearly.


I say go for it! (yes I know they will be running lights)

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I look at other cars side markers all the time. I've seen a lot of them I'd like to try, but I don't have cash to burn on that shite. If I ever happen across a set for a 2000 maxima. I'm gonna try those out on my goon.


There are alot of maxima side marker lights on ebay for cheap. Amber, smoke, clear,




Doesn't look like the fit would be good though. May not match the body lines.

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