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whos knows where they r at?


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The yard in boring didn't have any 620'sdry.gif BUT i do think i found someone in salem off of craigslist that has them in one of his parts truckswink.gif and if that dosent work out then one of the forum members from georga said he would ship me some. Thanx for the help fellas!

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ha ha ha if someone told me our junkyard had a few datsun trucks, or even a part of a datsun truck i would e on it like flies on shit. i get lucky if i see anything other than an s 10 or an old ford.


Same here. I've got an ad on craigslist to see if anyone around here has a parts truck.. or anything Datsun.

Nothing so far except spam. :no:

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so the craigslist guy didn't have the pedals but a forum member is going to ship me his! here is the link to the craigslist ad if anybody is interested.




he did say that the fenders, master cyl, booster and tranny were missing, just fyi the post doesn't say that.

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Snagged a load of headlight switches and fuse banks. Intended to find a driver door as someone hit my parked rig ( it's too low, and too black,lol. Old ladies loooove to hit my truck at night :( 2x now in a couple weeks. Is now parked under a streetlamp where every theif in the hood can spot it.) It's funny to go to the yard with intentions on one part, but walk out w/ an empty wallet, and every part EXCEPT what you came for! Does'nt seem to bee any shortage of 620's in Portland wreckyards, as well as multiple parts rigs on CL...

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their is a 620 in the turner or G&R (basically salem), their is also a 620 in dallas Or. Dallas auto wrecking


You talking about the Orange 620 @ the Turner yard? I think it went on the pile for crushing. I did pull the U67 off of it though.

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