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datsun brat pack

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    datsun 620 king cab pu 1978/ 77 620
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    big time gear head / 620 pu / work on 1600 / 1800 / l20b
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  1. datsun brat pack

    510 spendometer attachment

    Send picture please
  2. datsun brat pack


    What kind of parts do you have for a 300zx z31 body. I saw your post. I have a 87 300zx tubro
  3. datsun brat pack

    Canby 2011 Video

    nice job on video:D
  4. datsun brat pack

    Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

  5. datsun brat pack

    getting out of datsuns!!!

    Good one:lol:
  6. datsun brat pack

    620 harness

    I have a full 77 620 wire harness that came off are parts truck if you need one let me know :D
  7. datsun brat pack

    datsun 620

    Looking good . getter done lol.:D
  8. datsun brat pack

    well shit...

    Dude it's the same colors as mine black and gray lol:P
  9. datsun brat pack

    New here, just picked up a 79 620

    Ratsun is the place to B welcome lol:D
  10. datsun brat pack

    No power at all

    If cleaning the post's on the battery don't work check the fuse able link on battery cable they go bad some time's:)
  11. datsun brat pack

    Resurrection 510 Turbocharged SR20NA

    Nice work man look's like your pumping out some money on this motor lol:D
  12. datsun brat pack

    well shit...

    Look's good now make her run lol:P
  13. datsun brat pack

    whos knows where they r at?

    :DI have the cluch pedel assembly if you haven't found one give me a call it's out of my 620 part's truck 360-604-5804.
  14. datsun brat pack

    Heater Core Clips - '76 620

    I have some wear do you live in washington.im in vancouver wa.:D :D
  15. datsun brat pack

    MY 620 KC WAS STOLEN!!

    My bad :( i just hate thief's and liar's and it really make's me mad when i hear that some one's datsun car or truck get taken sorry.

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