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  1. Loren

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Has there been any word about when & where his memorial will be?
  2. Rest in Peace Dave !

    You were a Fantastic person with a larger than life personality.   You will be sorely missed!


  3. Loren

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Dave was a great guy! He had my back a few years ago, when i was going through a very tough time in my life. He always had something supportive to say & it was a big help to me at that time. Dave contacted me once ab a set of wheels. I hated the ones i had on my Goon, & he had a thing for them. He must've already had several sets, but wanted to trade me a set of Iron Cross wheels, just because he knew i didn't like the ones i had. He worked things out, so that someone picked them up at his place,& brought them to me at Blue Lake. I have heard MANY stories of him doing similar things for other people. He was just that kind of guy. I have been looking for a picture of my son with the Birdshit Goon. My kids were super impressed with it. Dave was a Fantastic person, with a larger than life personality. He will be Greatly missed!
  4. Loren

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    I am going to try to make the meeting. I don't currently have a drivable Datsun, so i won't be able to make any passes at PIR.
  5. Loren

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    I will be there, don't know what I will be driving at this point though.
  6. Loren

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    All things considered, & knowing how hard the Impact FELT, I am amazed how well my truck held up. I don't know that I will ever feel quite as safe about another vehicle, as I do about 521's at this point. My Truck took one hell of an Impact at both ends, & I was able to walk away.
  7. Loren

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    Thank you Ted ! I actually feel like we have settled our differences awhile ago. Even then, I felt like we had an "agree to disagree " thing going. Pretty much feel the same way with Jrock. He sent me a message, making sure I was ok also. That seems to be part of the thing with this community, even people who have disagreements, still care about each other.
  8. Loren

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    So, here's what happened. I was on my way to work. About 8:45 am I was sitting at a stop light, at the end of the offramp from I-5 at Wilsonville rd. I had been waiting a few minutes, & expected the light to change any second. I have a very slight memory of seeing the front of the Jeep & hearing yelling about the same time ar the Impact. Witnesses said they heard her yelling "Oh No!" ,& that she was traveling at around 65mph when she passed them. The Impact pushed me into the Nissan Frontier that was in line in front of me at the light. I was spun sideways, & the front end stopped underneath the gravel truck that had been in the lane next to me. Lucky it wasn't moving at the time! The Impact launched the Jeep, spun it around & she took out a signpost, as she landed. She was obviously in alot of pain, but I didn't see any blood on her, or the driver of the Frontier that I got pushed into. I could tell my tooth was broken right away, other than that adrenaline kicked in pretty fast. Once I saw both other drivers were alive, I turned my attention to what was left of my truck. I feel like a part of me Died with my truck yesterday!
  9. Loren

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    Thank you for your concern everyone! I am going to be ok. I am sore AF, & I spent all day at the dentist today, having the front tooth that got broken in the accident fixed. I am waiting for the police report, which will hopefully have the other 2 driver's insurance information. Both the other drivers left the scene in ambulances. The lady who was driving the Jeep that rear ended me had to be removed from the Jeep on a backboard. I didn't have a chance to talk to her,because of the firemen& Paramedics. The printout the police officer gave me at the scene doesn't have any insurance info, or phone numbers for the other drivers. My insurance will cover my medical expenses, and if the Jeep Lady doesn't have insurance, I had coverage for that. I doubt my truck is savable at this point, but I am going to try to save as many parts as possible, & build a new truck. In the meantime, I will focus on getting my 510 wagon back on the road.
  10. Loren

    Yellow headlight film

    I am using the yellow film type on my goon,been on almost a year with no problems. I bought them through my work at NAPA,we got them from Performance Warehouse. They are made by Hella,& i'm also going to use the clear ones on my Hella H4 conversion low beams. It's a thick protective film that has adhesive on one side. I used a heat lamp to shrink/mold it to the curve of the bulb surface. They actually help alot in fog,or when I use the hi-beams . They aren't very spendy,but I forget the price. I'll look it up,& post part #'s for both yellow & clear. One of my H4's got a rock chip,a small hole actually,eventually filled halfway with water & blew the bulb. If i'd had the protective film on that wouldn't have happened.
  11. Loren

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Any chance of you talking them into making a 510 Goon ? There are plenty of stories to go with them. Yours for example,or Goki's, the list goes on & on. I'll bet they'd sell as fast as they could get them to the stores!
  12. Loren

    GOONS check in

    i've been thinking the same thing. glad to see someone post some new news. not much going on with my Goon,except for driving it everyday. finally tracked down someone to sell me some Ratsun decals. thanks again Redeye! I sold my roadster project. the landlord wanted it gone,& the new owner offered me just enough for a new transmission for my '63 Riviera.
  13. Loren

    Girls owning Dastuns? FOR THE WIN!!!

    we have a girl working as a parts counter person at NAPA. She knows her job too! it's taken a few of our customers a bit to get used to her,but they"re beginning to see that she knows what she's doing.
  14. Loren

    Official Canby 2011 picture thread

    this has been one of my favorite 510's ever since the first time i saw it. looks better every time. I don't know what it is about this car,but i just like it!
  15. Loren

    Official Canby 2011 picture thread

    my family & I met 510freak & family at Fred Meyer friday night. nice people!

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