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Kelmo's Coupe Build(?)


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So now that I've been here awhile, thought I should start one these too. Pics may be slow in coming but they'll be here sooner or later. There is a pic of what I started with under Datsun stories...didn't want to double post.




This is what I had as an occasional driver for about 2 years.





starting to take it apart

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So here is a pic of the front clip from the donor car attached to the project car




Here is a pic of it back at the house with the front suspension out so I can clean/undercoat the bottom and frame rails.



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So,here is this weeks batch of pics


front x member, PO lived on a dirt road and motor leaked oil



under coating on inner fender well



x member installed, Brake master and some lines installed



had to rewrap the wire harness



rear end and leaf springs out



30 some odd years of dirt


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Got some more to post up here, the focus is a little jacked up on some of them mostly cuz I suck as a photographer :blink:


one cleaned and painted spring....one not



Core support painted black



Sanding on the underside. This is such a treat to do....laying on a creeper, crap falling in your face,etc etc.



under side primered....well mostly


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Here is this weeks installment



undercoating.....that was loads of fun too.



rear axle and springs, cleaned, painted and installed.



starting to clean the floor



one very dirty trans



OEM reman brake caliper. Had to get aftermarket pads as OE were NLA

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Heres some more piccys for ya.


Ready for the motor



Cleaned up that trans.



Engine installed



1/4 panel bondo...new it was there but didn't think it went end to end....dang



A little floor progress



Sorry guys, forgot to resize before I moved em on here


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Acutally the car is further along than that, I'm just really slow on postin up pics. As far as the bondo sculpting, just gonna let if ride for now as I really want it as a daily for the spring and summer

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Here is this weeks installment.....


very dirty floor



somewhat clean and somewhat painted floor



Sanded the cowl down...oh look theres bondo there too :P



A12 water pump fan.....don't put it on this way




Put it on this way....cause if you don't, you won't know its backwards till you put in the radiator :blink:


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  • 2 weeks later...


pass side floor with a little sound deadner/insulation



painted the cowl with a rattle can from Napa



1/4 glass trimmed in black...damn that white background



pass side mirror template




turn and running lights, head lights, primed apron.


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Thanks.....I actually drove it today for the first time since Feb 2009, very stoked. The hood is being painted and should be back end of this week(think the guy aint gonna charge me so I'll wait as long as needed. Got a little lighting issue....all lights work with the exception of the right turn signal...even the 4 way flashers work, so that will take some deducing but the only other thing I could deduce today was to have a beer.



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Thanks bonvo...not sure every thing is properly plugged in and was gonna start swaping out flasher units, have two that are marked as to where they on the car they came from but not sure if they were from the donor car or the build car........ :unsure:


Mark, good to see your still poking around here. Was way cool to drive her around today, would like to take it to work this week but may wait on the hood.



(edit) there is a place at the rear body panel where the harness grounds to the body...could be the culprit.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bonvo was right....started checking connections and found the right front not quite engaged at the connection. All lights in good working order. So now time for some more piccys.


Right side door, looked like someone had a ball pin hammer



Getting the door ready. Used a door weatherstrip for a 720.



Right door installed



Right mirror installed



Thats all I got for now, still waiting on the hood to come back from paint

Close...so dang close

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Got a couple more........


primed fender



right fender installed



does it fit?




looks like it might




Thats all for this point. The pics are getting close to what is actually done on the car. I am hoping that I get the hood back this week. Drove the car about 10 miles today..little smoke at first (sitting at stop lights) but seemed to abate th second time I drove it .....we'll see.

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Yes Bonvo you were....one of the connectors moved about 1/8 of an inch or less, boom, done.

long distance repair FTW.


Put it up on jacks this weekend just to double check all the suspension bolts since it all had been removed....glad I did. Found the swivel arm at the bottom of the right strut a mite bit loose.


See yall next week

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, still waiting on the hood so here are a couple of what I am doing at the other end of the car.


painted my rear emblem



paitned the tail light trim



Bought some testors model paints and used a match out of one of those fold over match books to paint with. On the tail light trim I just used some krylon semi flat

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