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I hate this new shit!

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Just wanted to whine for everyone to hear, I can't stand this new format. I'm not the best with computers and to old to learn new tricks, don't have time.

yeah i liked it when it was simple, its not too horrible, but its defenitely more difficult to use, sometimes too many new features outweigh the benefeits of the features themselves

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No luck.

Nothing on it for adding or removing pictures.


To remove a picture, hit the "mod options" button under Image Details. To add an image, go to your setting, hit the gallery tab. Under the album, there's a drop down box that says "select an operation". Choose, new image.

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The moele T was hi tech at one time. Such it up princess.



I got what your princess needs hangin there datzenmike. Way to much extra shit, it took me forever just to find out I had new private messages (excuss me, new conversations or whatever the hell they're called now) It doesn't highlight new post in threads, problems with pics, hell, it doesn't put who's online at the bottom of the page in alpha. order, but for me thats just some of many things I don't like. It's the small things that make a difference and they add up.

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Guest kamakazi620

This new format is just like Obama,The change is suppost to be good and make things better,but i have yet to see it get better..As Garth said "We fear change!!! WWWAAAAYYYNE!!!"

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When I went to bed last night, people were complaining about the site. I like the current look, and have found most of the features I use.


I am thankful for all the hard work those who did the change did. I have no idea how much work they did, nor how much of their time they gave up over the holidays to do it. Even if it was a "piece of cake", and they just had to start some autobot magical script to do it, and clean up a few errors, I am pretty sure the side administrators gave up a large amount of their time.


They did not change the site just to give you grief, so they could sit back and laugh at you. They did it in a very sincere effort to make the site better, easier to use, improve the look, and reduce the cost, and maybe even get the site to a point where they do not have to spend as much time dealing with it. They may have been forced to change the site by the people who wrote the forum software, I do not know. When it became apparent, that the first change was "sucky" they did it again.


The site on my computer seems to run just as fast and most other sites. I have an old Dell computer, that I got for no monetary cost, by donating some time at Free Geek in Portland. My computer is running Ubuntu Linux 8.04, and a Firefox browser 3.0.16. The operating system is free, and so is the browser. I do have a cable modem, from Comcast. My browser is set up to clear all private data when I close it, I believe this helps keep unused files from filling the temporary file folder in the computer, that slows the computer down.

The last paragraph is there to maybe help you with some of your computer issues, and maybe to help the site administrators with further improvements on the site.


Again I want to thank Thomas for all the hard work ne and others did to get the site where it is now.

If you think this is bad, think about the other Datsun sites that just disappeared, with all your content, or got reincarnated in some site full of ads.

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I agree with you Daniel, its funny how when people ask other people to chill on the off topic bs they get up in arms shouting, "don't like it don't look" and other such hillfolk bumper sticker banter. But when the community actually makes a turn for the better the hillfolk go nuts. The site is way more user friendly now, easier to navigate, has a smarter search engine, etc. Take some time guys, play around you're going to like eventually. OR you could take some of your own advice and "love it or leave it"

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The site is way more user friendly now, easier to navigate, has a smarter search engine, etc. Take some time guys, play around you're going to like eventually. OR you could take some of your own advice and "love it or leave it"



Its mostly a matter of getting used to the different set up and ironing out the last of the bugs.


the new software is a rad improvement and having Fisch's art on the header just makes it badass :fu:

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