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Datsun 610 Heartbreaker - Speed Hunters Coverage!!

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So sweet! This says it all:


"The type of people that modify their cars to have this "rat" look don't purposely do it. They get these cars looking ragged and beat up. But rather than fixing it up to be clean and hiding the wear, tear, and most importantly, it's history, they choose to keep all that exposed. Why hide history? History builds character. If you build from history, you'll find that you're always in a better place."

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If I recall correctly, only 1974 and older is exempt from smog testing in urban areas of California. That is state law, so it only applies to California.


And there are smog-legal C.A.R.B. (ca air resource board) conversion kits for weber DGVs, so that is no problem.


1975 Model Year and older in urbanized areas. Sadly, they haven't moved up the year for a while now. :(


BTW, this is a 1973 model, he is good for whatever mods he wants to do...


And...You should have seen this car when it was on eBay (pre-mod, of course). It was extremely clean, but this is hella sweet!

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Dope, indeed! Love that pic you posted.


A lady stopped to talk to me about my truck in a parking lot today.

She was telling me how much she missed her 610 wagon, which she sold to a guy who was going to turn it into a race car.

I told her to try to find it, buy it back and go racing!

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