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I've been a ratsun member for a long time and love the format here. I now came into a 68 baja bug but know nothing about vw's. Is there a forum out there with the same format as ratsun, ie... no "special feature vehicles", no commercials, just enthusiasts helping enthusiasts. Somewhere i can ask a stupid question and they don't make you feel like a dumbshit, or does that just go along with the territory when your a nubie?

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I would suggest you ask here. I have had a VW bug, and I also built a VW powered sandrail.

There is a book, HOW TO KEEP YOUR VOLKSWAGON ALIVE by John Muir. It is subtitled "a manual of step by setp procedures for the complete idiot"

Do not let the title turn you off. It is a very good book for VW noobs.

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I kind of hope you don't get an answer to this. I've been secretly snooping Craigslist for Baja bug ads lately. I really don't need to feed my mania by finding a forum for VW loons. But I can't keep from looking at Bug vids on Youtube. I don't know which is cooler - Bajas or chopped top Bugs.



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The biggest forum for VW's is thesamba.com . They break the thing down by models, off road, speed, kit cars, years of buses/ cars, and on and on. There is also a parts for sale section that you can't keep up with the new entries, they show up so fast.

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ha lots of people who like or have datsuns, has or has had a vw i used to have LOTS of vws some pretty rare ones too i left the vw scene for the datsun/nissan scene (510's&240sx's are funner to drive daily and are less to maintain IMO)



i also built a 69 baja, that bug was awesome the best thing i ever did was buy the gear box for that thing. 486r&p that thing went ANYWHERE in the dez and hills, however you could not drive it on the hiway :fu::fu:

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Yeah man, check thesamba.com.. I have a buddy that's into aircooleds and that's his source.


As for the "How to keep your VW alive" by John Muir, it's a a comic book in my opinion. Pretty irritating if you know how to use a regular service manual, but if you don't know beans about using an actual service/repair manual, then this is the ticket. Reminds me of if you were trying to explain working on the car to a 5 year old.. Not really a good one for troubleshooting, either.

If you're more the technical, "cut the crap and just tell me what I need to know" type like myself, you'll find that Bentley Publishing makes the absolute BEST service and repair manual. Bar none. I wish Bentley made books for Datsuns.. or if they did, I wish I would catch wind of where I could get one. Just depends on what works better for you: I'm more biased towards "Cut the Crap".

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Thank you everybody for the responses. I already have HOW TO KEEP YOUR VOLKSWAGON ALIVE but it doesn't answer some questions i have. I'll try samba. If anybody can answer my questions here? I'm wondering which engine parts are interchangable. I've found cylinder/pistons for sale but I have an AE 60 horse dual port engine. I believe it has 85mm pistons. Wondering if other sizes can be used on the same block?

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Congrats on your purchase!!

Having owned several air and watercooled v-dubs over the years, and I think most of us here have as well, the john muir book is a good reference and easy to follow book. But, as was said before, doesn't dive in too deep into the technial stuff, tho there isn't all that much stuff that is technical with a bug unless you get into upping the cc's, dual carbs, and all that.

most of the parts are interchangeable with no mods, unless you change the cc's, then you would have to have the case machined for the bigger jugs and pistons. you may already know but if you can, stay away from some sizes like 1835 as they cylinder walls are a little thin and tend to run hot (at least here in Az they do.) now, word of warning, if you are going to build a motor, don't be like me and look at parts and start thinking "well, for 40 dollars more, I can get an even bigger stroker crank!" and so on and end up with a monster 2387 like I did...:lol: because, keep in mind you would definitly have to upgrade the tranny, axles, and so on to handle it. Dubs are some of the easiest cars to work on and are a great learning experience. if you have the non hydraulic cases, (preferable for any high performance upgrades) you will be adjusting valves every couple months or so depending on how much you drive and the carb/carbs you use. dual carbs are VERY picky when it comes to valve adjustments so I was doing mine every month. only takes about 15 min tho once you get it down... I actually have several books on air cooled dubs, including the how to keep your volkswagen alive so if you need them, I could send them to ya, just message me and let me know.

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still kicking myself for not trading my built B13 for this incredibly sick brown roof-racked 66' nana spec type I 1200, uber-slammed on porsche wheels that i did a complete rewire on last year.


shouldatradedshouldatradedshouldatraded before i rewired it! i deleted the damn pics from my phone! POOOP!



I kick myself all the time for selling each and everyone I have had..but...at the time it seemed right...still wondering why...:lol:

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